NieR: Automata |OT| "I wouldn't expect too much from this game if I were you."

I've seen a few trailers and hype is very much at a high level for me. I do hope there are many more common enemy types than the small clank looking ones though as it's all I seem to be seeing, but ofc the trailers could all be from early game.
Oh fuck, this game comes out this month too? And here I was worried I wouldn't have time for Horizon with Zelda on the... horizon. Guess HZD is gonna have to wait, that Nier demo was just too fucking good and took me by complete surprise. Hadn't had that much fun with an action game since Revengaence.
all these great games coming out it's a real torment
I'm hyped. I fear though that Horizon will take up any time that I wanted to dedicate to NieR in the first month anyway. I still haven't even touched my Nioh copy yet.
So, Very Hard mode.

I'm very interested, but what are the loading and checkpoints going to be like >_>

Like, it seems like you can save in the field?

Anyway, I've not watched too much content, but I'm wondering how this is gonna be.
I want this to support the crazy person that Taro Yoko is.
Is there a gif of him rolling on the floor from the last video?

EDIT: LOL already up there