NieR: Automata PS4 version Japan and Asia shipments + digital sales top 500,000

We knew it crossed 1 million worldwide but didn't know the full Asia/Japan breakdown until now. Ahead of its release in Taiwan the NieR Twitter account just announced that in Japan and Asia (Square Enix separate them even though Japan is part of Asia as they should be separated when tallying sales) NieR: Automata PS4 shipments + digital sales have topped 500,000. The game just passed 300k sales at retail in Japan last week.

This is comparable to what Persona 5 did albeit in a shorter time span, right? It truly is a Renaissance we are seeing! Great going here, hope it translate to other games as well!


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.
That's awesome, hopefully it sells well enough that another Square / Platinum collaboration has to happen.
CEO of SE has already said that he wants to work with PG again on another title.

So I think it's more than likely we'll see that happen. Either another Nier game or something else.
Cool, so how about releasing the asia PC version here in asia now SE you pricks. Its ridiculous it hasn't been released yet.
Apparently we can buy the game using a physical disk bought from UK if you are impatient. Hopefully we get a region discount, or it will be part of my wait for a >= 50% discount pile.
Best selling YT game and possibly best selling Platinum game (not sure how MGR did in the long run). Hope we get more partnerships between them, if YT continues to make games that is.