NieR Sequel Officially named, 'NieR Automata'.

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Nov 9, 2010

スクウェア・エニックスとプラチナゲームズによるPS4『ニーア新作』の正式タイトルが『NieR Automata(ニーア オートマタ)』に決定したことが、ゲーム誌のフラゲより判明しました。ほか、いくつかの情報も明らかとなっています。
New story and gameplay info.

As Famitsu leaks come in, the next NieR game is reportedly title as “NieR Automata”. Nier Automata takes place on the devasted planet earth, and a battle between Androids created by humans, against the “Machine organisms” sent by the enemies of mankind.

In the upcoming Famitsu magazine, it apparently shows the characters and setting by Akihiko Yoshida. A character who appears to be the protagonist is called “Yorha #2 Type B” and holds both a sword and great sword. Long ranged attacks are made possible by a system called “pods”.

More information is due to come during Paris Games Week this week.

Bonus Artwork

And why not enjoy listening to the NieR Piano collections whilst browsing through the thread. :)
May 4, 2014
Interesting name, but that comes from me as a German. (Yeah, we like "Auto"!)
Joke aside, "automata" would be plural to "automaton", which is "machine" but is often used in older fiction to describe androids.
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Dec 13, 2009

The game takes place on a devastated planet Earth, and will show the intense battle between android “Yorha” Unit [interestingly, YoRHa also happens to be the name of Yoko Taro’s stage play, and the game will be related in some ways] made by humans, against the “Living Machines” sent by the enemy of mankind.

The magazine also showcases characters and world setting by Akihiko Yoshida. The character that appears to be the protagonist is named “Yorha #2 Type B” and wields a sword and great sword. There’s also a support system called “Pod” that makes it possible for long-ranged attacks.
Mar 10, 2015
Its a stageplay/Musical kind of thing he wrote.
Here is a fan translated summary of it:

What does that mean, it's going to be linked with Drakengard 3? I hope they keep the links very subtle, like with Nier 1.
D3 Spoiler:
D3 includes a character who is an android collective from the future. It was already said that this character will appear in Nier 2 as well.
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