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Night Slashers - a near perfect game people don’t know...what are your obscure 10/10 games?


Oct 5, 2019
Good answer. Still haven't played as much of it as I would've liked, but I was honestly stunned by how good of a take this is on the Metal Slug formula. Definitely my favorite Atomiswave cart.

legit an awesome game. Did a video on it a few months back. It’s just Metal Slug with Dolphins and there is nothing wrong with that lol

butane bob

Jun 2, 2020
Night Slashers is cool. Data East's arcade games are criminally underrated.

Illusion of Gaia.
Love that one too. Best of Quintet's action rpg's with how it expands on the themes and gameplay introduced in Masaya Hashimoto's previous games Ys 1 and 2, Actraiser and Soul Blader, and it's his best game in general.
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