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Ninja Baseball Bat Man - an absolutely weird blast of a game


I’ll never be quite sure how Ninja Baseball Bat Man got made; robotic baseball players attacking sea monsters and squids in baseball gear? Giant baseballs with arms and legs trying to kill you? Tanookis riding spiked stream rollers towards you? Ninja Baseball Bat Man has it all.

The story is Irem North America came up with the concept for the game and sent it to the main Japanese office where it was approved and created. Considering both the US and Japan have a love of baseball it makes perfect sense. The game that came out in the end though? That makes zero sense lol

The game is awesome for its weirdness though. It plays amazingly and it’s IMO one of the best beat em ups of all time. Great action, great gameplay and a legit soundtrack.

Sadly it’s never been ported. Sits locked to the Irem M92 arcade pcb unless you emulate it. Hopefully one day it actually gets ported to modern consoles as more people absolutely need to experience this game.

Curious who’s played?


Yep, I discovered it this year on Retroarch. Looks so good! We don't get that kind of high quality pixel art anymore.
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