Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3. "exclusively for the PlayStation 3 next Spring"

neo2046 said:
PS3 | Ninja Gaiden Sigma

^From some sort of Japanese magazine I guess.

Oh snap. This deserves it's own thread.

neo2046 said:

PS3 | Mahjong Fight Club
PS3 | Mobile Suit Gundam Target in Sight
PS3 | RR7
PS3 | Genji 2
PS3 | Mahjong Taikai
PS3 | Amored Core 4
PS3 | Fatel Ixxxxx (KOEI)
PS3 | Ninja Gaiden Sigma
360 Dead or Alive Extreme 2 November
360 HDDVD Player 11/22
360 360 COre System + Blue Dragon Premium Pack 12/7/29800 en
360 Blue Dragon 12/7
360 Zegapain NOT 12/7
360 Phatasy Star Universe December
360 Earth Defense Force X December
360 Oneechanbara VorteX December
360 Fusion Frenzy 2 December
360 Vampire Rain January

PS3 Mah-jong Fight club 11/11/5229 en
PS3 Kidou Senshi GUNDAM - Target in Sight 11/11
PS3 Ridge Racer 7 11/11
PS3 Genji 11/11
PS3 Sega Golf Club 11/11
PS3 Mah-jong Tournament November
PS3 Gran Turismo HD December
PS3 Armored Core 4 December
PS3 Fatal Inertia 2006
PS3 Wangan Midnight (spring)
PS3 Vampire Rain (TBD)
PS3 Resistance: FoM
PS3 White Knight Tale
PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Sale date not set)

PS2 Higurashi no naku Koro ni Matsuri 12/12
PS2 Nobunaga no Yabou Online Haten no Shou December

PSP Roots Portable December
PSP Kanon December
PSP Snow December
PSP Wangan Midnight Portable Spring

DS Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon (Chocobo Magic Picture Book) 12/14
DS Front Mission The First
DS Zettai Onkan (Perfect Pitch) Training DS
DS Dokidoki Majo Saiban (Thumpty Thump Witch Trial)
DS Denshi Maid Techou (Digi Maid Notebook)
DS KIMI no Yuusha (You're Hero)

Sorry, I missed some at the bottom of the page.


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
Tecmo: OH SHIT! Kutaragi just called and said he wants NG on PS3!
Itagaki: Well I'm not making it!
Tecmo: I know! How about we remake NGB for PS3?
Itagaki: I guess I can oversee that.
Tecmo: Great! Let's give it to the 2nd hand Rygar team.
>>>PS3 Wangan Midnight (spring)
>>>PS3 White Knight Tale

skip said:
afawk, it's not ninja gaiden 2. what phatsaqs said is more likely, NGB: SE.
Yeah, that makes sense since Itagaki has pretty much confirmed a multiplatform NG2 but with timed exclusivity for the X360.


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this is going to be ps3's doa hardcore -- if it was ninja gaiden 2, it'd be called ninja gaiden 2. there's a fair chance itagaki will declare that he's sounded ps3 to its depths and then get back to making xbox games.

unlike doa, however, ninja gaiden is worth the endless remakes and rereleases, and i'll probably buy it if it's anything more than black in 720p.


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Mefisutoferesu said:
PS3 Wangan Midnight (spring)
Please tell me you are not confusing this with the recently listed:
PSP「湾岸ミッドナイト ポータブル」春 ....



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Still, just the fact PS3 is getting it...

I'm expecting NG2 eventually.

PS3 will have God of War, DMC, and NG. Wow.