Ninja Theory posts new footage from mystery project

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Heavenly Sword was a very mediocre game that was praised because it was a PS3 exclusive during a very dry period. DmC and Enslaved were either terrible or forgettable.

I don't like them at all. Let them develop for the Bone.
How can they still be making games? Granted, I have no problem with that; they make some pretty great stuff.
For independent developers, whether they sell five copies or fifteen million copies is usually irrelevant to their financial success and their ability to stay open, since publishers take up basically all the money.

All they need is people to sign them for work.
The character models in the game it seems will not mimic the proportions of real world. Some sort of Dishonored cross bred with pixar movie for the style.

Given they seem to be on Unreal Engine 4, even cross-gen seems rather unlikely.
I wasn't aware of that. Thanks.
I'm not liking the character faces. Going in a more stylized direction is great, but considering the character models in their past games, this looks poor. The girl looks like someone you'd find on a videocard sticker.


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Reminds me of "The City of Lost Children" somehow. God I hated that game on PS1, I was stuck for weeks even with a guide.
That model looks terrible.
Yeah I wouldn't have shown that after what they have done in the past. Looks like Poser models.
That's the whole point of creating prototypes. You need assets that can be created and modified quickly. Nothing from these early stages will end up in the final game.
Oh is that what it is? That's fine then and makes sense. Produce quick and dirty assets as a base and when it comes time to build real assets, you already have somewhere to start from.
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