Nintendo 3DS Is Still Amazing


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Maybe this is just nostalgia, but I prefer the original DS models. I used my old DSi much more than I've probably ever used any 3DS, and the battery life is still really good even after 12 years of use. I can't say the same for my New 3DS XL, which is lucky to get 3 hours of play time on a single charge.


I miss street pass and all the custom shit you got for it. A god damn shame nothing like it on the switch... In fact, switch as an OS is sad as fuck. No social features at all.


3D genunienly improved a huge variety of games, even 2D games.
And the camera tracking in updated 3DS consoles made it work fantastically.
I'm really sad it has been seen as a gimmick. I'm hoping Nintendo brings it back in the future on a switch successor. Nintnedo has already reached a point where console power increases will not improve their games, they don't make the most of the current power with their production values. Just look at pokemon, mario, sports series etc.
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I really love my 2DS and 2DS XL. Didn't care much for the 3D though. It is a great handheld and probably the last great dedicated handheld device we'll ever see (since Switch is hybrid).
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