Nintendo Announces Nintendo 2DS

Seriously though, this is a really smart move. I do think it doesn't look visually appealing or ergonomical for games that require you to access the touchscreen regularly, but on the business side of things, this was a really good move.

They pretty much covered all bases $129, $169, and $199. And with Pokémon on the way, this should fly off the shelves. I do think there will be confusion about what games a 2DS can play, but that can quickly be remedied with one visit to a retailer and just asking an employee about what games it can play or reading the box saying it can play 3DS & DS games.

And with this they can offload a price cut for a lot longer.
So i was just chatting with my girlfriend. I might get her one for christmas. She's more of a "casual gamer", she likes the layton games but she doesn't like the 3D effect and she's kinda clumsy and always afraid she could break my 3DS so the 2DS might be a great system for her.
Dunno why, but I'm tempted to pick one of these up as a secondary system. I thought the design was ugly at first, but the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the GameBoy line (dat nostalgia). What's wrong with me?
Definitely has that toylike GB aesthetic to it.
I was saying this yesterday. It definitely is a 2nd generation Gameboy. It took a while for my mind to process it...

Its not to nice to look at in public though. Very strange indeed unlike the Gameboy line.. Maybe if they become more popular the stigma will change.

But 3DS and DS library?... I can't give that up. Its wayyyy too convenient at that price point
I've said for awhile they should make a cheaper 3DS model without 3D. But not like this. Whoever is responsible for console redesigns at Nintendo needs to be evaluated because this isn't the first time they've screwed up.
Okay, here's the thing: Don't get me wrong, I sort of want it because it's cheap. However, the reason for me to buy a DS is for portable gaming...And...Well...the design threatens that ideal, big time. I can't see myself lugging around that thing, everywhere.
Nintendo could have been onto an extra money maker with the coloured borders, all they needed to do was make them detachable and release a bunch of colours (of course that reasonably secure to the case) - sort of like they did with the micro and its detachable front covers.

That white/orange one is just dreamy (I love orange).
I like one aspect of the 2DS: It´s accessible. Don´t get me wrong, opening a 3DS is no big effort but the 2DS seems to invite you to play it while the introvert 3DS sits in a corner clamshelling.
It's not safe to say that yet.
I love it.
Apparently a lot of people don't even know it exists, and lots of people are still in the stage where they don't like it despite not having used it.

I still love checking in on this thread because every page is exactly the same.
Almost, but people are slowly coming around. Probably near to a saturation point for the "wait..wut" and "is it a april fool from The Onion" type posts as well. Maybe.