Nintendo Begins Advertising Wii U (Games) Again in Japan

Presumably this is the beginning of their 2nd half of the year push in the region now that they have actual games coming out semi-regularly. All of these products, along with a White Premium SKU hit stores in Japan on Saturday, July 13th (2.5 weeks away).

Pikmin 3:

New Super Luigi U:

Nintendo Land Controller Bundle:

Lego City Undercover

Official JP Wii U page has been updated to white from black:
Nintendo also sent out a spam/promotional e-mail from the Wii U eshop to those with NNIDs (Image via Tilmen:, featuring the Wii U eshop charge campaign, Pikmin 3, FFVI and The Secret of Mana.

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Year of Luigi:

Nintendo's Secretly Most Horrifying Franchise:

It be interesting to see how long they run for. Hopefully J GAF will keep us updated in the media create threads.

As bad as the first half looked and deserved the "what they hell are they sitting around doing" posts, it would have all been a waste without the monthly they titles to push that they finally have now.
Excited for Pikmin 3, if they make Pikmin 4 for Wii U than I can just imagine a built from the ground up Pikmin in HD.
If they can go from this:

to this

and this

to this

in a little over 12 months on what is ostensibly a modified Wii engine, imagine what they can do with a ground up game.
The best thing for me with these ads, is hearing the original Pikmin CM song Ai no Uta brought back for Pikmin 3's cm. Was one of my favorite songs when I came to study in Japan in 2001 for the first time. I even bought the cd for it. Great to see it back!


Um exCUSE me Sakurai but CLEARLY the best choice for Smash Bros would be my fav niche character HOWEVER you are clearly INCOMPETENT and
Only dubstep makes me buy things.

NCL's advertising is so much better than NOA
I really want to see what the advertisements in North America will be like now that Iwata is NoA's CEO. Will they stay crappy or will Nintendo get serious, perhaps get a new firm, and actually try to sell the damn Wii U.
That's interesting - the background behind the Wii U logo in the beginning is white now. It was black in the previous commercials. They also made white Premium models; could this be a sign of a small-scale rebranding? White is a softer colour, and I guess it'd be more "appealing" or friendlier to casual gamers.