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Nintendo Direct 2019 hopes and predictions


Nov 11, 2018
Summer is almost over, and we're due for another Nintendo Direct, more than likely next month like the last 2 years. Here's some predictions I have for the next Nintendo Direct.

New Metroid game kicks off the show - Mercury Steam is returning, Seperate from Metroid Prime 4, a 3D Metroid, with mechanics and levels from the 2D games. 2020

Luigi's Mansion 3 - New details, DLC expansion pass is announced, coming October 31st

Smash Ultimate - Banjo Kazooie details, moves, gameplay, Spiral Mountain stage. 5.0 details as well. Arrives in October

New innovative IP revealed - 2020

ARMS Burst - Sequel to the original ARMS, 2020

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) - recap, overview, September 20th. Nintendo Switch Lite Reminder
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Enhanced port of the original Pikmin 3, Joy-Con motion controls, local co-op, all DLC, November 29th
  • The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Complete Edition - Includes all DLC, take the acclaimed masterpiece on the go, arrives November 5th
  • WarioWare for Switch - Takes advantage of Joy-Con controls, 2-player Microgames, Spring 2020
  • Marvel Ultimate Aliance 3 - Expansion pass details, coming in September
  • New Puzzle game from Skip - Joy-Con based, multiplayer, arrives November 8th in the eShop
  • Soul Calibur VI and Tekken 7 - coming to Switch in early 2020
  • New Trauma Center revealed - Coming 2020
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield - Recap, November 15th
  • Super Mario Maker 2 update - Character mushrooms are back, new ones added regularly. New Extra game style, Super Mario 64. New extra styles coming in the future. Service for Nintendo Switch Online Smartphone app introduced, allows you to view and que courses away from the system. Update coming in October
  • New original game from Capcom - Lower budget, unique, arrives early 2020
  • Town gets a new Name - Arrives in October
  • Metroid Prime Trillogy HD - All three games remastered in HD, new Joy-Con controls, HD Rumble support, coming January 3rd, 2020
  • GTA V - coming to Switch this Holiday, features all the DLC previously released
  • The Outer Worlds - Details, arrives early 2020
  • Killer Queen Black - releases November
  • NES Remix 1+2 - Both games included, new multiplayer mode, coming December
  • SNES Remix - Successor to NES Remix, SNES favorites reimagined, up to 4 players, available today.
  • Sizzle reel - DQ11, FF:CC HD, Daemon X Machina, Just Dance, etc.
  • Nintendo Switch Online updates - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online is coming in September, SNES style controllers availible for purchase as well. NSO Smart device app now adds support for headsets. You can use them either on the Switch, or connected to the phone, and you can change the audio output as well.
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Jun 1, 2014
Please stop beating Metroid like that.

Cacpcom new unique game*

*streamed from cloud.
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May 4, 2007
More details on Awakening is a given. BAMCO's fighters -- not so much. Last home nintendo console to get one was GC; wii, the absolute behemoth, which could've easily got a port of SCIII got SC Legends instead..

Re Metroid Prime Trilogy HD... Nevermind.
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Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
Well they're on fire at the moment so I don't care how long we have to wait for a direct. Astral chain looks to deliver the goods, Luigi's Mansion 3 etc.

They'll need something to compete with the next gen consoles software though. Possibly new hardware maybe but you have to believe they're holding onto something.


Nov 11, 2018
They'll need something to compete with the next gen consoles software though. Possibly new hardware maybe but you have to believe they're holding onto something.
My guess is simply just a Pro Dock that adds enhanced graphics and performance to TV mode. A full pro Switch could happen further down the line, but the former would be a safer option. Nintendo honestly doesn't need to do much against the PS5 and Scarlett since they're targeting more of an auxillary Market. A Pro Dock with a Big hardcore game to go with it, and a 3D World style Mario game for families can be enough hold their own when next gen arrives.


May 16, 2015
Ah, the wonder of Nintendo Directs. Even when one is not announced, it's still fun to try to predict it.

I personally have no idea what will they show, the rest of the year has quite a few games coming out, maybe Pokemon or Luigi's Mansion 3 still get more info on them.
I also fully expect them to reveal SNES games and controllers for Switch Online. The rest, I like being surprised, but anything from Monolith Soft or Zelda-team is high in my radar.

Anything from Monolith Soft Xeno or new ip

It's has been 3 years now after their last game
The last full game from Monolith Soft was Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in 2017, while 2018 had Torna: The Golden Country, which could as well been a new game. I fully expect to see something from them soon though.


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Mar 22, 2017
Since Astral Chain's development is done and ready for release, they might finally show us some proper gameplay footage of Bayonetta 3. I'm also hoping to finally see gameplay for Shin Megami Tensei V but chance of that is low.


Jul 26, 2018
Since Astral Chain's development is done and ready for release, they might finally show us some proper gameplay footage of Bayonetta 3. I'm also hoping to finally see gameplay for Shin Megami Tensei V but chance of that is low.
Hey...there's still TGS, right? ..... right?...


Oct 24, 2017
Telford, Shropshire
Why bother getting myself worked up. Not even going to bother watching, I'll just wait for the reaction on GAF and if its what I want, I'll watch. Nintendo seriously keep pissing me off with this drip feed of crap. Metroid Trilogy has been rumoured to be finished for over a year (ITS A PORT) and still isn't here. Metroid Prime 4 had a complete re-start over, so christ knows when that will even be shown. And Pikmin 4 was supposed to be near complete a few YEARS back, yet that's MIA too.

Honestly, I LOVE Nintendo games, but I hate how slow this shit is. Its like waiting for Christmas, but your parents never told you that you were Jewish.


Jun 7, 2018
I wonder if there will be an August Nintendo Direct... but September is okay. It's just that we had the direct in September last year, so I'm thinking it could be late August or something.

That reminds me, 1 month unill I have to go to school. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Jun 17, 2006
The only thing I want from Nintendo right now is to finally announce the worst kept Industry secret: Metroid Primy Trilogy for the Switch.

Harry Tung

Jun 1, 2018
SNES games would be nice. Or some GBA at least. Would be a good fit for my handheld gaming. Nintendo are sitting on a gold mine as usual and are doing practically zero with it. And some basic features for the online service wouldn´t be too much to ask fo either, like voice chat, messaging or invites. More exclusive things like that freebie of Mario Tennis or Tetris 99. They are doing so many things right now with the Switch, with great games that are flooding the system, but they are so fucking stubborn sometimes, why do they have to do everything backwards to their competitors?


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Apr 29, 2019
Nintendo Directs...where the hopes and dreams of gamers go to die...LOL...it is always fun to speculate though! I'm just hoping for some SNES games. I'm sure they will give dates for the remaining games they plan to release this year and maybe some teases for the Spring. Hopefully they have an update as well for the OS that has folders and themes.
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Nov 13, 2016
Nintendo has a huge line-up this year, so I think they're going to focus on that mostly. Last year we got a few big announcements (Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing) for new games, but I'm not expecting that here.

I'm expecting:
- SNES games as part of Nintendo Switch online
- More info on Banjo Kazooie in Smash
- Considering the success of FE Three Houses, some more info or an ad on its season pass and free update(s)
- More footage for Animal Crossing
- More info on Gamefreak's Town (We haven't head much about it for a while, though it was supposed to be released this year.)
- Some third party stuff
- A smaller game announcement like Wario Ware, Rhythm Heaven or a Mario Sports game
- Announcement for some kind of Nintendo port or game collection


Jan 9, 2019
I doubt there's totally new stuff on the horizon. Most likely they'll just tell new things about Luigi, Pokey man, Zelda and Animal Crossing, which is fine I guess, I'm really liking this lineup. SNES on Switch online might also be a thing.


Nov 3, 2018
You know what I haven't really been thinking much about it, I guess I would like a look at Metroid Prime 4 and Shin Megami Tensei V. A release date for Witcher 3 and a GTA announcement would be nice. I don't really have anything that I really want so I'll be happy with anything.
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