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[Nintendo Direct] 3DS XL (90% larger screen, 4GB SD, better battery) OP has details


Mod Update

Seda said:
Nintendo Announced a 3DS hardware revision, the 3DS XL during the Nintendo Direct event on 6/21

NA: $199
JP: ¥18000

Release Dates
NA: August 19th
EU: July 28th
JP: July 28th

Screen Size
The screens are each 90% bigger, resulting in a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen. Same resolution as 3DS.

Battery Life
3.5 to 6.5 hours when playing 3DS games (3DS is 3 to 5).
6 to 10 hours for DS games (3DS is 5 to 8).

AC Adapter
The AC adapter is being sold separately for Europe and Japan. In North America, the AC adapter is included.

A 4GB SD card is included for all regions

NA: Red/Black and Blue/Black
EU: Red/Black, Silver/Black, Blue/Black
JP: Red/Black, Silver/Black, White

JP Press Pics (some omitted due to redundancy)

NA Press Pics


at the stream right now

the bomb has been dropped.

Update: NINTENDO 3DS LL (likely XL in NA) as official name

Update 2:
  • Larger screens
  • Better battery life
  • No AC adapter included
  • July 28 for 18,900 yen

Update 3:

- august 19/$200 for NA

Beth Cyra

No second stick, or at least that is what was said in the other thread.

So people waiting for that will still be waiting.


Wheres the second analog stick, motherfuckers! Glad I've had my 3DS all this time instead of waiting.
Heh, knew there would be no second stick. Wasn't even a chance to begin with, can't believe so many thought it would have one.


It's fucking beautiful.

I need it.

lol @ the people who thought they weren't going to release a revision this year.


hm, was hoping for a second integrated analog stick. Bigger sized handhelds don't really do it for me... portability is what I'm looking for. Does it have any other benefits or just size? Battery life improvement maybe? Brightness, screen quality?
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