Nintendo DSi LL: Old People Edition

Nintendo DSi LL officially announced

edit 1:

Nintendo DSi LL
4.2 inch mon x 2
Nov 21, 2009
20000 yen

DSi LL:横161.0mm/縦91.4mm/厚さ21.2mm

official page (spec, color choices, size comparison etc)

edit 2:

Well fuck! Ended up looking totally different than what I imagined! They went back to the "old style" speaker holes. Hmm...

Look at the curves, the stylus, and the color. No offense is meant when I say this, but it definitely looks catered to elders (not that that is a bad thing, just saying).

Any info about resolution or if they're doing anything to not make it just an ugly blown up image?

Also need comparison of hardware size compared to reg DSi
Is that cut-out size supposed to be the DSi screen or the original DS screen? If it's DSi, then wtf that system is WAY to big. That combined with pixel size means I'm very happy with my DSi.

EDIT: Ah just saw it says DS Lite at the bottom. Still, system is definitely not a portable.
Release date November 21, for 20,000 yen (about $200). As for resolution, it's just a normal DSi, so each screen's resolution is 256x192, yet the same size as the (normal) PSP screen. Expect either blurriness, or a very sharp but very pixelated picture.
viciouskillersquirrel said:
You guys realise these are pics of the "large print" version of the DSi for people with eyesight trouble, right? They released bigger versions of the DS and the DS Lite too.
Pictures? First I hear of that. Curious is all.
jaydogg691 said:
Whoa, this came out of no where. So this up-sized DSi is suppose to steal the PSP Go's thunder? What does LL stand for? So many questions.
No, the PSPGo isn't designed for old fogeys... Look at the link with the dynamic information pages, the demos they show running on the device are games where you read small Japanese text and write complicated Japanese symbols, something older folks might have troubles with on a smaller device.
Battery lasts longer than the DSi on average, too. Recharge time is 3 hours compared to 2.5 on the DSi.

Also, there's more software included in the package:

2 mini versions of Brain Age (literature, science), Memos and a Japanese dictionary
Ooh, yummy. I likey. Much more refined than the shitty, tacked-together DSi design. Though I don't think Nintendo will better DS Lite in terms of design for a time to come.
My goodness, it looks freaking huge! The d-pad and buttons look so small on it.

If it sports pressure sensitivity, I'd absolurely love to use Colors! on it. I don't know, since I read somewhere that the regular DSi doesn't have it. :(
I'm not gonna lie: As a color, dark brown looks pretty awesome. Obviously I don't care for one, but it does serve its purpose, and hopefully it will make those who buy it happy.
Man, if it were about a half inch thicker, at least on the sides, I'd be all over that shit. Dealing with the giant-ass screen would be worth it if the thing was sized for actual human hands.