Nintendo E3 Site Opens: E3 Direct one hour long. Teases some games.

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I was going to make a silhouette of Samus and be like "This one just showed up for me you guys", but then I remembered I have no idea how to do that.

So just imagine how funny that would have been.
Well considering the length and the number of know Wii U titles coming up, there isn't much room for a SUPER SURPRISE. They have live 10 Wii U games to show and we know about all of those except for Retro's game.
True, but if they at least add one unknown silhouette people will at least get extremely hyped for the direct XD
The closes to Joe we'll get untill Capcom comes to their senses to release an HD collection =(
Would LOVE a 3-pack on Wii U of VJ1, 2, and Red Hot Rumble. And Double Trouble 3D. :(

But also Okami HD (only on PS3 so far), drawing on the GamePad, why has this not happened yet?! Make up for the fuck up Okami Wii was! :'(
I think Nintendo is planning on releasing a lot of vids over the course of E3. So I wouldn't be worried about the ND length. Most gameplay demos and interviews will probably come post-ND.
I also have a feeling they'll announce cross platform Virtual Console games, along with a more uniform account system. They have already mentioned bringing the handheld and console teams closer together, and them announcing Wii U GBA VC support but not 3DS GBA VC support (despite having a decent GBA emulator working on the 3DS already) makes little sense. Even by Nintendo standards. That, along with promised Miiverse for 3DS gives me a good feeling about the future of accounts on Wii U and 3DS.

Other than that, I expect the usual stuff they've mentioned already. The Galaxy Mario silhouette makes me worried that it'll just be Galaxy 3, though. Galaxy 2 might be the greatest platformer ever made, but I want Nintendo to shake it up about like they usually do with 3D Mario, rather than NSMBifying it.


Wastes hours checking old Famitsu software data, but that's why we love him.
Please Nintendo, learn how to properly do a presentation this time. No explaining Miiverse. No explaining the summer firmware update. Just games games games.
Oh yes, please don't spend 10-20 mins showing the same game, it's really booooring!
Nintendoland all over again XD, please don't Nintendo T-T,'s X or Retro's new game assuming it's incredible XD

Please don't spend too much time on Pikmin 3 and TW101

PLEASE for fucks sake
You know they will cause they need to drum up hype for the titles now that the release are particularly close =/
Please Nintendo, learn how to properly do a presentation this time. No explaining Miiverse. No explaining the summer firmware update. Just games games games.
Haha yeah that won't happen. I expect at least 15 minutes being wasted on pointless shit nobody cares about.


As in "Heathcliff"
they have promised to show so many AAA titles, is 1 hour enough for all of them?
including 3rd parties?
I'm guessing, the E3 Direct will probably just quickly reveal all the games and show a bit of footage of each, then we can expect to see long gameplay demos put online during E3.
I doubt it. Sakurai would like to present Smash Wii U and 3DS at once if I recalled right. However, I wouldn't be surprised that they decided to go with Wii U only.
They said they would like to show both games at E3, not at the same time.

They will either show it afterwards or there will also be a 3DS Direct after the Wii U's.
The content of this event will be partially based on what Microsoft and Sony will show.

MIcrosoft will be the first and they have a lot to do to be forgiven.
Sony will try to do better than Microsoft, wich means more games, more exclusives..

--> Iwata will push the Panic button !
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