Nintendo files trademark for "Wave Race" in Europe

Makes sense timing wise. I.Ps like Wave Race have traditionally benefitted in sales from being a launch window title. And on a personal note, pleeeease be true. I love this game.
I always wish Rare would do something standalone and normal controller like that with their Kinect Rival game. Even just a bite size Arcade game. Microsoft you've missed it.

Are you kidding me...


Wave Race 64 is the best damn racing game ever made. So difficult to keep expectations in check.


Maybe this is what Monster has been cooking up?
It feels like wave race and 1080 should be combined into a sports collection. I think Wii sports resort had the right idea but maybe fleshing out the game modes more
Wouldn't they already have had a trademark for "Wave Race"? I mean, they released a game called Wave Race years ago. Maybe this is just renewing the trademark so they don't lose it?