Nintendo flirted with a Hyrule Wars game, alien invasions, and Biker Link before BOTW

This is how they plan to resurrect the Metroid franchise... With a Zelda crossover title. The aliens invade and abduct Zelda. Link teams up with a familiar bounty hunter to get her back!
Honestly I've been waiting for that future lightsaber/motorcycle Zelda game for so many years now, and the potential that they'll visit it after BotW is exciting.
Kind of reminds me of the modern Fire Emblem stuff one of the producers talked about after Awakenings (and also how he kind of got his wish with some of visual ideas in the form of TMS)
I feel like this deserves its own thread. What on earth drugs were they using?
That's how early stages of game development go. Behind every finished games there are hundreds of unused ideas. The early stages are also the best time to go crazy. I'll bet you there's wilder stuff than this they're not showing.
The alien thing doesn't seem too out there since they've done that before. Biker link though...And not even using the master cycle from MK8
Man I'm totally up for a "modern" interpretation of The Legend of Zelda. If a Castlevania game was able to be set in the 21st Century I don't see why they couldn't do the same with Zelda.

My brain is swirling with thoughts of Gitaroo Man because of that guitar-wielding Link and No More Heroes for a modern-day interpretation.