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Nintendo in 2019


Jun 7, 2018
I am late to announce this, but I am proud to give you this document.

This is the summary of what Nintendo did in general in 2018 as we head toward 2019. Warning, this is very long post as I make a essay.
Note: All releases are not 100% confirmed until released. Dates can change or move and this list is accurate at the time of posting.

Known release dates
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Jan 11)
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (Jan 11)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and Bowser Jr.’s Adventure (Jan 11 – 3DS)
Omnimusha: Warlords (Jan 15)
Travis Strikes Again (Jan 18)
Trials Rising (Feb 15)
Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove (Mar 1)
Langrisser 1 & 2 (Apr 18)
Mortal Kombat 11 (Apr 23)
Team Sonic Racing (May 21)
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (Jun 21)

General release dates
Grandia I & II HD (1st Quarter 2019)
Yoshi’s Crafted World (Spring 2019)
Fire Emblem: Three Houses (2019)
Luigi’s Mansion 3 (2019)
Daemon X Machina (2019)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (2019)
Town (2019)
Animal Crossing (2019)
A Hat in Time (2019)
Ace Attorney: Pheonix Wright Trilogy (2019)
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (2019)
Doom: Eternal (2019)
Dragon Quest 11 (2019)
Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10/10-2, 12: The Zodiac Age (2019)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered (2019)
Grid Autosport (2019)
Shin Megami Tensei V (2019)

Inconclusive future releases
Bayonetta 3
Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development Kyoto
Zelda Team

There are two core teams both under the producer Eiji Aonuma. The main console Zelda team headed by director Fujibayashi and the portable team headed by Shikata. While crunch time in 2016 had both teams work on Breath of the Wild, in 2017 they separated again. Fujibayashi’s team worked on the Breath of the Wild DLC which saw release at the end of 2017. That team then started on early concepts of the next mainline Zelda game. Shikata’s team is unknown what they went to work on. They last worked on A Link Between Worlds (2013) then most members dissolved into Fujibayashi’s team as Shikata went to Grezzo for Tri Force Heroes (2015) with a few members of his team. There have been various rumors that they are working on either a Link’s Awakening remake or sequel akin to A Link Between Worlds or a mobile Zelda game. There is also a chance that they have been working either a multiplayer or top-down Zelda game or a port of older Zelda games to sell on Switch – suggested that Skyward Sword is making it to the console. While Fujibayashi’s project is more likely still a couple years away, Shikata may have something to show this year for release in 2019 or 2020.

Mario Kart Team
Under producer Konno, this team released an updated port of their Wii U game on Switch in April 2017. It included all the DLC, extra characters, extra cart parts, and an improved battle mode. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of Switch’s best-selling games. The port did not take the entire team, so it is likely that some of the team went to work under other producers and directors on other projects that needed assistance to release in 2017. Now the team is likely working on a new title but it is unknown what the title is. While Mario Kart 9 would be the next logical step, rumors have stated that due to the way MK8D is still selling (about 50% attach rate and 10m+ sold) chances are they are working on a different cart spin off game such as Donkey Kong Racing or Diddy Kong Racing 2. With two other mascot racers releasing 2019, Sonic Team Racing and Crash Bandicoot Racing, those games may knock into MK8D’s sales being newer releases. Nintendo has also announced that they are planning to release a Mario Kart mobile game for the fiscal year but there has not been a word of the game since March 2018 as the game may have been shuttered or delayed past the fiscal year.

Splatoon 2 team
Headed by Nogami, this team also works on Animal Crossing. Allowing younger staff take reins on development lead to Splatoon being created and it was a hit on Wii U and its sequel was also a hit on Switch. This team is typically the size of 1.5 teams meaning they can start a new project as one is in the middle of being developed. Also part of the team has also developed the mobile title: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With part of the team still developing the mobile title and its continuous updates. Then they had the half team work on Splatoon DLC including the advanced single player expansion that released in 2018. With Splatoon 2 DLC finished as of December, the whole team is working on Animal Crossing as crunch time with a few members still working on their mobile title. The teams are working in tandem as it was announced that the mobile title will work in conjunction with a main platform game. Expect Animal Crossing in summer 2019.

New Super Mario Bros team
Headed by producer Tezuka and Kimura this team is releasing New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in a matter of days. This is Nintendo’s big January game and is an updated port of the 6 year old Wii U game which includes the New Super Luigi U DLC expansion. This team has also developed both Super Mario Maker games for Wii U and 3DS. Additionally, this team also developed the mobile title, Super Mario Run. Since ports do not take too much effort the team has also been likely working on something else as well. Long rumored is Super Mario Maker for Switch or a sequel with added content. Or possibly a brand new, New Super Mario Bros. game made specifically for the Switch could also be in development. Chances are that we will at least hear about their title this year, it could have a surprise 2019 release or be a 2020 title.

Pikmin team
Headed by producer Kimura, the last we heard from this team was Hey! Pikmin which was a platform-based Pikmin title on 3DS in 2017. Miyamoto had an interview in Dec 2016 where he mentioned Pikmin 4, which was assumed to be a new mainline title but turned out to be the 3DS title. Gamers were clamoring for more Pikmin after the Miyamoto interview so likelihood is they started development on it after the 3DS title. This is typically a smaller team as Kimura assists with other producers on Nintendo’s core franchises. Look towards Pikmin 4 closer to 2020 with a potential glimpse at the title late 2019.

Metroid team
Headed by Sakamoto, this team is currently disbanded. With Nintendo’s restructuring so they can move resources (ie. Programmers) freely from one team to another when development requires more assistance. There has not been an internal Metroid team for a while. With that said, Sakamoto has worked with second and third party developers to keep Metroid games within Nintendo’s quality standard. He worked with Next Level Games in Vancouver to develop Metroid Prime: Federation Force (2016) and with Mercury Steam to develop Metroid: Samus Returns (2017). It is rumored that he is working with Bandai Namco and their Singapore studio on Metroid Prime 4, however it could also be an internally developed game as Nintendo has not announced who is developing the game. Regardless look to hear about Metroid Prime 4 this year with a late 2019 or 2020 release (my bet is this year).

ARMS team
Headed by Yubuki, this producer also assisted Konno with Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. Given his own team which was made up by some members of the Mario Kart team, he developed ARMS (2017) and all the DLC for the Nintendo Switch. The game sold decently especially given its release in the launch year. More than likely, this team went back to the Mario Kart team under Konno or they could be working on a sequel to ARMs although with Nintendo’s focus on Smash and DLC being released throughout the year chances are higher that this team has been dispatched for now.

Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development Tokyo
Super Mario 3D World team

While both Tokyo teams worked together to get Super Mario Odyssey out for release in 2017 and to great acclaim, Nintendo further developed free DLC content for the game throughout the first half of 2018. Part of one team, headed by Koizumi, worked on the free DLC and the remaining team members likely started on the next 3D Mario game. Unknown if it is a new concept or a direct sequel to SMO, or a sequel to one of the other 3D Mario games. If this is the case, then expect to see something in 2020, very unlikely to have a new 3D Mario game this year. This team could also be working on Luigi’s Mansion 3 as the development team has not been announced yet, however; it is highly believed that is being handled by Next Level Games and been in development for a while.

Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers team
The other Tokyo team headed Hayashida had a recent release on both 3DS and Switch. Ports of Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers was release in 2018 with some added content from Super Mario Odyssey. It is unknown if this team is working on something new or working with Koizumi’s team again on another 3D Mario game. This team also developed NES Remix, so there are multiple things this team could be working on. If it is something smaller then we will likely hear about it this year otherwise, do not expect anything until 2020.

Second-Party Studios
1-Up Studio

This studio used to develop the Magical Vacation series and assisted Nintendo with remakes of third-party intellectual properties on their portable systems. Sword of Mana was a Square Enix property that they developed in conjunction with them for Nintendo DS exclusivity. Now this team is still operational, but have not developed their own title since the Nintendo DS (Mother 3). They assist other teams with their work during crunch time. They have assisted with Super Mario 3D World, Fantasy Life, and Super Mario Odyssey. Unlikely they have their own title in development, rather working with other teams on Switch development.

Monolith Soft
The makers of the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. After the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, they had an advertisement that they were hiring developers for a brand new Action-RPG in vein of the Legend of Zelda. This team is also the size of 1.5 teams so they usually have something new starting as they are finishing off a title. With that said, they also assisted the Zelda team with Breath of the Wild and programming the open world. Their last main release was Dec 2017 to high acclaim was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Half of the team worked on the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion: Torna: The Golden Country (2018) as the remaining team started on the unknown Action-RPG. While we may receive new screen shots of their new title this year, 2020 seems the earliest that we will hear about the title.

Intelligent Systems
Responsible for the Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and Advance Wars series they have Fire Emblem: Three Houses which is due this year. Delayed from a 2018 release, this is the first HD title that Intelligent Systems has worked on. Like Monolith Soft, this team is as big as at least 1.5 teams. With their continuous development of Nintendo’s biggest mobile success Fire Emblem Heroes, they have likely grown within the past couple of years. Always having one game in early development while another is in crunch time, this team had regular yearly releases. They have shown they can release multiple titles a year. With the delay on Fire Emblem: Three Houses into 2019, they may have something else set for this year or that may be delayed into 2020 as this title is they first full 3D game in HD development. After Fire Emblem: Three Houses expect to hear more from this studio late this year or early 2020.

Recently released Super Mario Party (2018) on Switch. This studio is made up of former Hudson Soft staff members that developed the early Mario Party games as well. Because the previous games were almost yearly installations on the N64 and GCN, I almost expect them to release a new party game this year or we will likely hear about this year for a 2020 release.

Retro Studios
This studio has gone through a rough time over the past 5 years. Their latest release was an updated port of an almost 5 year-old Wii U game. While Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is still considered a great game, it was not a labor intensive port. Many former staff members have left. A lot of the original Metroid Prime team created Armature Studio and developed ReCore for Microsoft. Many have gone on twitter to express frustrations with Retro Studios’ management. In 2016 they expressed excitement for e3 2016 on twitter to only be shut down. Rumor was they were going to show off their development of a game before Nintendo pulled the plug and transferred their title to Switch. Then rumor was they were going to showcase the game at e3 2017 and nothing was shown. Then again rumor was they were going to show at least one of their in development titles at e3 2018 and again nothing to show. The state of their current games lead Nintendo to have Retro Studio do the port of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze in house just to release a title. At this rate, all in development titles from the studio could have been scrapped, or folded into other project or placed on a backburner. Rumors ranged from Metroid Prime 4 (which has been debunked), a 2D Metroid game, Eternal Darkness sequel, new IP and a 3D Donkey Kong title. It is unknown what they have actually been working on or what or when we will actually see anything from the studio.

Subsidiary Studios
Nintendo Software Technology/Nintendo Technology Development (Redmond, Wa)

Known more recently for making applications than games, they are behind the development of Wii U Street view. They have also assisted with co-development duties on a variety of titles such as the Switch port of Captain Toad and 3DS port of Super Mario Maker. They would either be developing some apps for Switch or co-developing other titles from Nintendo’s main studios. Because they have worked with emulation before, they may be the developers behind the Switch online NES games.

Nintendo European Research & Development (Paris, Fr)
This studio was originally third party known as Mobiclips. They have worked on video compression software for a variety of companies. Their last known major development was the chat application on Wii U. It is unknown what they are working on currently.

Affiliate Studios
Alpha Dream

This studio is releasing the 3DS title Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story & Bowser Jr.’s Journey on Jan 11. It is safe to say that the game has gone gold and the studio will be starting their next project. Nintendo 3DS games have been dwindling and it is likely that the studio will be starting on their first Switch title this year. Because the studio has only worked on portables before, this will be their first HD development title. There will be little to no chance of seeing this company’s development before 2020.

Camelot Software Planning
This studio recently released Mario Tennis Aces (2018). They are known for the Nintendo sports titles and the Golden Sun series. Since they released the Mario Tennis game, they are likely starting work on the next Mario Golf game. Because they only work on one game at a time being a slightly smaller studio, their game will not be shown until 2020.

Game Freak
They launched Pokemon Let’s Go! games this year to good success and have been working on the latest mainline Pokemon game. They are new to HD development which lead to the release of the Let’s Go! titles. We will likely see a large portion of the game at e3 and I expect a release in November.

Good Feel
This is the studio working on Yoshi’s Crafted World due out this spring. It was delayed from 2018.

They are known for work on the Legend of Zelda 3D remakes. They also released their own unique title, Ever Oasis (2017) on 3DS and did the remake of Luigi’s Mansion (2018) on 3DS as well. They have not developed in HD yet as all their titles have been for 3DS, NDS or Wii. Being a smaller studio they have focused on ports and worked with director Shikata under Aonuma’s supervision. While they could be making a new IP or a new game on an existing IP, it is more likely they would be working on an HD port of a current Nintendo franchise. Chances are they are working on the rumored Skyward Sword port or Metroid Prime Trilogy port.

Next Level Games
This studio’s last game was Metroid Prime: Federation Force released for the 3DS in 2016. They announced that they will be working exclusively with Nintendo in 2014. They have a developed HD titles on the 360 and PS3. It was first rumored that this studio was working on Metroid Prime 4 before other sources stated that title was being developed by Bandai Namco Singapore. Because Nintendo has yet to announce the studio developing the title, this studio is still possible. If not Metroid Prime 4, they have likely been working on something else. It could be the rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy port, a sequel to a known Nintendo franchise or a new IP. With a solid 2 years in development, we will probably get a glimpse of the game this year with a 2019 or 2020 release.

Associated Studios
Square Enix

Square Enix has promised to add a focus on Switch with their games selling beyond expectations on the system. The team that developed Octopath Traveler has gone to twitter to state that development has begun on Bravely Default 3. Additionally, ports of numerous older Final Fantasy games are due this year with Final Fantasy 7 and 9 being download only; Final Fantasy X/X-2 and XII being physical and digital releases and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles being developed as a remake.

Platinum Games
Nintendo has contracted Platinum to make Bayonetta 3 a Switch exclusive. First shown as a slight teaser at the Video Game Awards 2016 (Dec). Some concept art has been shown and a very small amount of plot synopsis has been shown through the media. No release has even been hinted at for Bayonetta. Rumor has it that another Platinum team is working on something else Switch related but nothing has been confirmed. While late 2016, before the Bayonetta 3 announcement, Platinum took to twitter to hint at a Bayonetta 1 & 2 and Wonderful 101 port on Switch. The former of which was released Feb 2018 while the latter has not had anything mentioned since.

Ubisoft has been working directly with Nintendo on projects such as Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and putting in exclusive Star Fox content into the Switch version of StarLink: Battle for Atlas. Nintendo has shown up on the Ubisoft e3 stage the past two years for the announcements. This partnership started with Ubisoft providing Nintendo with a Rayman trophy for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. They have also published that last Rayman title to Switch and will certainly have more multiplatform titles in their library as well as some form of collaboration. It is a matter of when they will showcase their content.

Bandai Namco
Another company that has worked directly with Nintendo. It is strongly rumored that their Singapore studio is developing Metroid Prime 4 although it is yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. They have also helped Nintendo develop recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Currently that team is working on the DLC which will be released throughout 2019 for the game. While it was announced that an exclusive new Tales of… game is being developed for Switch, Bandai Namco lost the Namco Tales Studio’s main director Hideo Baba so current development of that game is unknown. They are releasing a port of Tales of Vesperia to all current systems in January.

Nintendo’s best new buddy has guaranteed development of titles on Switch on titles that makes sense. Currently they only have plans for Doom: Eternal, but they have fully supported Switch since the system launched. Working with the Unreal engine which can scale games, Bethesda will most likely have more titles to announce when they are ready.

First quarter is packed with high profile games that dropped out of 2018. Games like Metro: Exodus, Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem, Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Dead or Alive 6, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and more. Currently there are still numerous games coming out on PS4 and X1 that are not coming out on Switch. Sony also has Days Gone (April), Dreams (2019), Ghost of Tsushima (2019), Death Stranding (unknown), The Last of Us part 2 (unknown), and Final Fantasy 7 remake (unknown). While Microsoft recently purchased some second party studios they will have games in development for a while. They do have Crackdown 3 (2019) which has been in development for a while and had release dates pushed back since 2017. The strength of the competition seems to be third party support as all of their large games are not coming from first or second party studios.

Now, we're heading into the 2019, and we are soon going to see the maximum capacity of the Nintendo Switch!


Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018
Excellent write-up. Plenty of games on that list with little to no information, so hopefully we get a Direct sometime soon. C'mon! It's already February.

Harry Tung

Jun 1, 2018
Tales of Vesperia, FF 9 and Daemon X Machina is purchases I´m 100% sure of. Luigis Mansion and Doom Eternal also. Unsure about Dragon Quest 11, maybe I just get it to PS4. Expecting Metroid Prime Trilogy this year, Nintendo would be stupid not to release it, especially with the sad news on MP 4. I think 2019 is going to be a great year for Switch with lots of exciting news around the corner.


Jan 7, 2018
I think a lot of those games might not even come out 2019. At least Nintendo exclusive games
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is mad because DF didn't do a video on a video of a video of a video on PS5
Mar 19, 2013
Grandia is the only thing that makes me jealous.


Dec 2, 2010
9 games so far that I might buy. Certainly better than the last two years at least.


Jul 11, 2018
I need a new Animal Crossing in my life now! Animal Crossing and Pokemon are now my most anticipated games. Moero Chronicle Hyper getting a western release on the Switch is high on my list, too. I'm quite pleased that the Switch has almost completely consumed my gaming time. I initially skipped the Switch thinking it would be another Wii U. Boy was I wrong!


Jan 12, 2018
A small nit-pick but Im fairly certain that Yoshis crafted world has been confirmed to March 29th.


Dec 6, 2013
Cool thread OP, thanks for the info.
I'm still holding out hope that Retro has something to announce and release. Tropical Freeze will soon be 5 years old, in that time they must have definitely been working on something and I'm hoping it was too far into development for it to be simply cancelled now that they are working on metroid.

Other than that I hope this year turns out better than 2018. Not that it was bad but aside from Octopath they was no release that interested.
With Deamon X Machina and Fire Emblem things are already looking better, if we also get Pokemon and either Bayonetta 3 or SMTV it's going to be a great year


Jan 13, 2019
Don't forget:

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Apr 3, 2016
Truthfully, I really hope some great Nintendo IP is coming in 2019. Our two Switches collected dust in 2018. Rehashed Wii U games don't interest us (already had the Wii U) along with almost every cross play title being more expensive on the Switch.

OP. Well done on your list. I have high hopes for 2019.

Harry Tung

Jun 1, 2018
Nintendo teased an unannounced game for 2019 some days ago that would make fans happy. It better be Retro´s doing.


May 17, 2006
I wish Nintendo would start exploring new IPs. We just had a Zelda release so I wouldn’t mind if that team went on to work on something new before tackling another Zelda game.

Same goes with all these studios. Another Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Mario Golf?

How about Golden Sun, Raven Blade, Eternal Darkness? Shit, pay CAPCOM to make RE3 Remake a Switch exclusive, get Square to make a new Chrono game for Switch, Baten Kaitos from Monolith, Okami, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower... C’mon Nintendo!


The nicest person on this forum
Mar 22, 2017
I wish Nintendo would start exploring new IPs. We just had a Zelda release so I wouldn’t mind if that team went on to work on something new before tackling another Zelda game.

Same goes with all these studios. Another Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Mario Golf?

How about Golden Sun, Raven Blade, Eternal Darkness? Shit, pay CAPCOM to make RE3 Remake a Switch exclusive, get Square to make a new Chrono game for Switch, Baten Kaitos from Monolith, Okami, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower... C’mon Nintendo!
Is this game not considered new IP now?
Apr 6, 2015
Only two games I'm interested in on that list:
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses
  • Daemon x Machina
Legit considering selling my Switch in hopes the Mini comes out at a good price later on. The Switch is so hit or miss for me as some moments I love it but then others I just question why I ever bought one. I bought it for BOTW and was greatly disappointed so maybe I'm still bitter of that.


Gold Member
Jun 8, 2004
Fantastic thread, OP. I was just yesterday hoping that we’d have something like EAD Ninja’s development updates. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Some thoughts:

- The Metroid Prime 4 / Retro situation is now known, Retro is doing the game which was just rebooted

- NERD, didn’t they do the NES Classic and Super NES Classic after the Wii stuff? And could they have done the NES Online app too?

- Mercury Steam, I really hope the reboot of MP4 has lit a fire under Nintendo’s ass to scrape some Metroid stuff on Switch, I really hope they would do a Metroid: Samus Returns DX. I just couldn’t get myself to go back to the low res 3DS

Overall, looks that after this year we will have an avalanche of new stuff. I am especially excited about the prospect of a 2D HD Zelda.


Neo Member
Jun 15, 2018
Miyamoto confirmed that Hey Pikmin wasn't the Pikmin title he was confirming was in development years ago. According to him at the 2017 E3 Conference Pikmin 4 was still in development.


The nicest person on this forum
Mar 22, 2017
These aren't coming out anytime soon.
You might be right about SMTV (we still haven’t see a single gameplay footage from this game) but there is a good chance will see Daemon X Machina get released in mid 2019.
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Dec 25, 2018
Manchester, England
I want Dragon Marked for Death so badly physical but nowhere in Europe has it up yet! >_<

It was described as playing like Dragon's Crown which I almost Platinumed!

Do I dare Pre-Order on VGP?
Last edited:
Jan 14, 2018
Are they going to localize DOA X3 Scarlet?

Believe me, get the Asian version (Not Japanese) in Playasia, this always have subtitles in english.

Trust me

And by the way, Amazing what is Nintendo Switch is a Marvelous Console!

Dragons dogma in switch, is like a dream come true
Last edited:

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit
Jan 30, 2018
The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming my go-to console thanks to its lack of censorship, quality physical releases, and excellent form factor in its case designs. The only issue is the lack of Achievement systems, but daaaaamn I am hyped for Switch games this year. Though I am still debating if I want to pick up the Atelier games on it over the PS4 and keeping up the list of Atelier Plats I have gotten.


Mar 14, 2018
I'm super bummed about Metroid Prime 4 being restarted from the ground up. I was hoping for a 2019 release. I think I may get FFXII for Switch because I can totally see myself playing that as time permits.


Mar 14, 2018
Believe me, get the Asian version (Not Japanese) in Playasia, this always have subtitles in english.

Trust me

And by the way, Amazing what is Nintendo Switch is a Marvelous Console!

Dragons dogma in switch, is like a dream come true
Is Dragons Dogma coming to Switch for sure? That's an insta-buy for me.

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit
Jan 30, 2018


Gold Member
Mar 18, 2013
Omaha, NE - USA
I just got Dragon Marked for Death digitally. I was told it was by the same team that did Mega Man and the 2D Bloodstained game(s). Base game is only $14.99 USD too.


Jan 28, 2016
Believe me, get the Asian version (Not Japanese) in Playasia, this always have subtitles in english.

Trust me

And by the way, Amazing what is Nintendo Switch is a Marvelous Console!

Dragons dogma in switch, is like a dream come true

I have the Asia version of the original DOA X3 on PS4 and Vita. I bought the deluxe collector's edition that came with both. And I got it from playasia, too! lol. I'll gladly the Asia version of the new one for Switch as well.