Nintendo Licensing in Full Force - MK8 Happy Meal Toys Revealed

Damn these look real cheap. I will wait for Amiibo.
I noticed that with the full body ones they did in the UK (didn't quite get the full set; Toad, Yoshi and toilet Mario I missed), they were okay for £1 though. I guess these are $1.50 without the meal.

If you ask me the karts have too much detail to recreate to a satisfactory standard for that kind of budget so look really cheap. With the full body there are few colours to worry about.
Nifty licensing. A shame they still go with knex instead of lego for construction toys though.

Its cool that this seems to be starting after the game is actually out. Trying to establish those trademark software legs.
Haha that would have been awesome, but they were probably already made.
The hilarious thing is that given the Kirby box art edits it really could have looked like a sound marketting plan, not just something to please a group of hardcore fans (of Mario Kart or just games in general.)
Nintendo's no spring chicken to licensing its franchises out for pretty crappy products. Sometimes i feel like it hurts the brand for me. I wanna say they did this with Wendy's back when the Wii was coming out.
The hovercar toys don't even have spinning wheels so they're essentially statues. What kid would want that?
I'm gonna guess they've got tiny normal wheels underneath so they can still roll around. Or Magnets, because somehow magnets will make them float like true anti-gravities.

If not, then yeah that's kinda stupid.