Nintendo patent application shows portable system with interchangable controls

Man... Thought this was new. We haven't heard anything new about this since then so I wonder if they're going to use this.
Well usually they are planning their next handheld and console way in advance. It could be interesting if they did that for their NX Handheld and console. However I hope these aren't cheap buttons, d pads or analog sticks.
Reading through this again I didn't catch that the modules are all NFC-based the first time around. That might make a big difference in viability of such a thing as I feel part of the reason they don't do it is that the parts aren't durable enough and metal contacts are likely to get scuffed or damaged if they keep sliding in and out.
I'd like to have something like this. There could be a "standard" layout for developer use, and if we the people wanna switch stuff to a particular place, the only difference is the placement of those buttons, but B will still be B.

Oh,the new NX guessing thread is here?
More like they brought this one back from the grave.


El Capitan Todd
Well Nintendo is flirting with that idea all the time. See 3DS prototype:

This would actually have been a great idea for all the 2D games, especially the Yoshi's Island games. I hope this patent gets applied, because it is the only alternative to the Nintendo 64 configuration that actually is comfortable for both, 2D and 3D. And the N64 configuration certainly is not applicable to a handheld.
Seriously though.... Nintendo needs to bring back the gameboy name. The only reason why we don't have new gameboys is because the third pillar turned out to be made of solid gold... Nothing wrong with the previous one made of marble!
They won't do this because the name is too sexist.

Edit: didn't realize it was old lol. Now I know why people were saying the 3ds is too early to replace.
As cool as they might be I have trouble seeing Nintendo making interchangeable controls because they'd be (understandably) worried their younger demographic would lose and/or try to chew or eat them.