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Nintendo reveals the "New Nintendo 3DS" and "New Nintendo 3DS LL"





Edit: Looks like Famitsu got to try out the console... can someone translate some choice excerpts? Article.

Edit : Dengeki Online too!

My wife can read it, she skimmed Famitsu article - they think the 3D viewing angle is incredible and it's also much clearer for a second person looking over the shoulder, even though Nintendo hasn't said so explicitly. They say the new stick & trigger buttons are well placed and work good but comfort will depend on hand size. When comparing the two, they say it's hard to pick which is better, cause the LL is easier to hold and has bigger screens, but the regular is still bigger than the old regular 3DS, and much lighter. You could pretty much just infer most of that without an article :D

Just announced during the Nintendo Direct.

Announcement trailer: YouTube


New LEs:

Charge station, faceplates and more:




- better 3D
- second stick
- NFC built-in
- coloured buttons
- more buttons
- better battery (up to 7h)
- now compatible with microSDCard
- you can back up data on your PC via wireless.
- you can also transfer data wireless instead of having to pull the microSD card out.
-browser improved, now works with HTML5
- CPU improved, makes browsing Miiverse / eShop much faster.
- you can switch designs now (covers)
- gyro sensor

English PR:

Coming out on October 11 in Japan, 2015 in Europe (and probably NA). More info over the official website.

(Thanks kuppy for the help!)
I mean could you not have waited for images, or any info whatsoever outside the fact they are new models. This thread serves next to no purpose without them.



- 4.88 inch screen 3DS LL
- 3.88 inch screen 3DS OG
- ABXY Buttons color coded
- A new stick like button (like a small slide pad stick)
- No need for circle pad pro
- Wider 3D sweetspot?
-NFC embedded in device
- HTML5 Support
- Faster CPU for faster downloads and browsing
-Removable battery?
- MicroSD Card support
- Customisable with skins


I don't understand yet. Will need translated words later.

But I like that the buttons have colors.

Edit: Oh, that nub is a second stick?!


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
With a C stick?! Whoa. Wonder if games will take advantage of it and if it'll be any good to use.


New 3DS can't possibly be the final name?!?!?!

Seems like a bad idea to add more inputs. Gonna splinter the userbase.


How the fuck this isn't a global Director!? A new 3DS model with such improvements being presented for only Japan ATM? smh


whats with the nipple? Why not just add another proper circle above/below the buttons? weird. C-stick I guess, they'll consider it mostly used for camera adjustments
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