Nintendo revives PSP style interior box art for Switch and it is gorgeous

Mar 25, 2015
We have a thread dedicated to the back of Switch game cases, but while these other images were eventually added to it the title was never updated and the lede buried. The world deserves to know that possibly the greatest game boxes ever are being iterated upon! Shots taken by Gaijinhunter on Twitter.

So basically, PSP game cases are a contender for my all time favorites. Sleek, classy, and some publishers uniquely took advantage of the translucent plastic to include box art visible only from the interior. My personal favorite, the Dracula X Chronicles (thanks to the androgyne!):

First, a side by side comparison with both cases:

So, thinner and shorter but clearly inspired. Now the real interesting part is what they look like on the inside; I personally believe the translucent PSP cases were not initially meant to be used this way and it was just something that innovative publishers started to do. Many (probably most) PSP covers were just blank white on the inside, even first party Sony games. With the Switch cases, however, the plastic is more transparent to better view the art and it seems that every single game will take advantage of this. Behold:

These might just be the most beautiful game cases ever designed.
May 3, 2014
That's awesome, but I thought the first pic was a Switch case for a moment and got super excited about a Castlevania announcement I'd missed. :(
Aug 21, 2013
On the bright side, a lot of the JP interior boxarts seem to be used as a substitute for the basic setup/controls inserts we'd see from time to time on Wii U/3DS
in place of traditional manuals
, so maybe these will make it West after all.
Jan 7, 2006
Love their choice of boxes. Small and clear!

PSP, Vita (to a lesser extent, but bonus points for really small size), and Switch win on best boxes of all time.
Jul 1, 2014
Remember that these are promotional (pre-order) boxes and not actual game boxes. Expect publishers to cheap out on it after a while and go back to blank ones.

So Switch will use the same cartridge as 3DS?
No? have you not seen either video or pictures of one? They look totally different.