Nintendo said they want to work with other devs via crossovers, who do you want?

Atlus is good, but Nintendo need to collaborate with Western developers more.

They also need to collaborate with Square Enix again, teach the FFXIII guys how to make a good game or two.
I would like to hear that the new game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, of From Software, is one of these projects. I got the impression from the ND that these crossovers are already happening.

(No idea what the two franchises would be but I guess it would be more a collaboration than a crossover)
Lego X Nintendo
Sexy Beach X Metroid

Monster Hunter X Pokemon seems like a really weird idea, would you use Pokemon to hunt Wyverns? Or would you hunt pokemon and craft armor out of them?
I know this one's impossible, but Punch-Out x God of War. Little Mac taking on skeleton soldiers, satyrs, cyclopses, the gods, titans, and of course Kratos. It'd be like that Perry Bible Fellowship comic where he's ready to take on the world.
I'd like to see a real Metroidvania..

Besides that Sega has to revive Amusement Vision and let them make another F-Zero again.
Another Mario RPG from Square would be interesting and while we're at it: A Codemasters Monster Game collaboration.