Nintendo said they want to work with other devs via crossovers, who do you want?

Metroid x Megaman, I can see the two doing fairly well in a Castlevania Portrait of Ruin type game, basically just take the Megaman styled level design, throw hidden items in there, and link them together with a sort of overworld deal with the more puzzle Metroid segments.

I'd buy the game a million times.

A Zelda by From is what I've wanted ever since playing the Souls game, I feel like that would actually work really well. Dark Souls already has some bits that are a bit puzzle-ish, and if you give it a sort of baseline "what you might have", it'd work pretty damn well. Basically replace Lord Souls with trinkets. I'd love that.
Sexy Beach X Metroid
DoA5+ will come to WiiU and you'll get your wish. Or DoAX3. Either or.

Nintendo X Capcom a no duh.

Let Treasure get a hold of Star Fox and let them do a Sin & Punishment 1 HD.

Give Kamiya & Itagaki whatever franchise they choose and let them go nuts.

Another SquareEnix RPG that is like the Subspace Emissary in scope and use of characters.

Just let this mean that the next Smash game will have a whole bunch of 3rd party characters.
Nintendo Vs. Capcom. Get the fuck on that shit already. Also, Mystery at Murasame Castle by Hideki Kamiya pls.
I won't mind this if it has a different look and feel to current Capcom crossovers. It needs to be different; Capcom crossovers are getting somewhat boring.


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Apparently that was the case with Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, to see if IS and Atlus can create a working game (hopefully an SRPG) featuring the characters of both franchises.

So who's on? A futuristic racing crossover? A space opera crossover?
Also can you provide a source? that nintendo want to work with other devs for more crossovers?


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I wanna see companies cross games into the Nintendoland framework, personally. Seeing franchises like Megaman, Bomberman, Harvest Moon, Ristar, Gunstar Heroes... a whole variety of focused, polished titles, brought together under an umbrella, released with some love and care.
Nintendo vs Capcom developed by the TvC team
Nintendo Wars x Valkyria Chronicles
Fire Emblem Musou EDIT: Fuck it, Nintendo Musou
Mario X Sonic (platformer)
Kingdom Hearts-esque Nintendo x Square - Nomura-esque convoluted story.
That really is awesome :O A shame most of the armors dont look like armor, the look like costumes :p
The Skarmory and Aggron armors look close enough to the Monster Hunter style. The Lairon and Rhydon ones are missing tassets though, and that's a big part of Monster Hunter armor.
Nintendo Vs. Capcom. Get the fuck on that shit already. Also, Mystery at Murasame Castle by Hideki Kamiya pls.
First post wins again.

There is probably no other fighting game I want more to happen than this one.
Use UMvC3's engine, replace all the Marvel characters with Nintendo characters and polish that shit to perfection.

EDIT: Seeing Pocket Monster Hunter aain I came to the conclusion that the world would be a better place if Nintendo and Capcom worked much closer together.
USA Musou w/ Take Two

Abe Lincoln
George Washington
Hunter S. Thompson
Marilyn Monroe
Walter Payton
Mark Twain
Annie Oakley
Amelia Erhart
Miles Davis
Ben Franklin
Katharine Hepburn
George Carlin
Edgar Allen Poe
Buster Keaton
Babe Ruth
Helen Keller
Freddie Mercury
Ella Fitzgerald

Would be amazing!!!