Nintendo Switch accessories (Hori/Officially licensed by Nintendo)

That d-pad ain't looking too good...
They never are on 3rd party controllers, even if officially licenced.

That stand though, that will be amazing for playing in bed.

Stand also offers solution to charging while in stand mode


Also, zelda accessories basically confirm zelda for launch. Well, that or hori is basically as in the dark as we are and really only know zelda is coming to switch so that's all they're making.
Is that just a stand or an actual working dock? Because that and the controller look 100x better than the crap Nintendo is putting out themselves.
Is that an alternate to the dock, or is it merely a stand to hold the unit up?

Edit: the other image cleared this up, and it is a simple stand.
Well...I would certainly hope that the presence of an arcade stick in that lineup would abode well for the possibilities of what may be in the Switch's game release forecast.

Please gimme dat Marvel 4, I wanna play it wherever I go~!
If legit, then definitely type C. Also suggests that the joy-con pad itself will charge the individual joy-cons (since the stand is the same basic unit).

Now here's the real question: What fighting game would they have in the launch window to justify that arcade stick?
All those Zelda accessories priced in Euros fill me with joy. Those rumors of Zelda missing launch in Europe were worrying. Nothing is confirmed of course, but it looks good