Nintendo Switch accessories (Hori/Officially licensed by Nintendo)


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
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Wondering the same.
Also, I noticed that the button standing for the Record one on the original controllers feature the square seen in the trailers as logo, so I suppose that's final.
I'm a little disappointed that there is an ethernet accessory because it means that the dock likely doesn't have a port. It could mean that it's intended to connect just to the tablet, but I think that's rather unlikely (even though it will probably technically still work in that matter connecting to the tablets USB-C port).
Please remember that Harada said the release date of Tekken 7 was going to be announced in an event in January.

Take that as you will.
Yup and as much as I like to repeat it Harada's last four games have been on Nintendo platforms and he was asked directly about a Switch version and acted coy.

If it happens to be Tekken 7, I wonder if that's the reason why it's taking so long for the release date to be announced. Simultaneous release on all systems would spoil the Switch release date.
It's release date is being announced this month....
Injustice 2 is in May. And with Street Fighter V being locked to PS4 as far as consoles go, the only options for fighting games at launch are...
  • Tekken 7 (Maybe)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • Mortal Kombat XL
Or something new Nintendo is going to megaton us with.

Let me wish
Seems it's a french leak so that means one thing, since they are accessories for launch and they put a lot of emphasize on Zelda, I think it confirms definitely BOTW for the Switch launch
You pick up and go with the yeah I'm right.

While the Nintendo Switch is designed for play both in the home and on the go, Nintendo wants to be clear that it’s a home system first.

“Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost,” the company told Polygon when asked if the system was going to impact the sale of the 3DS portable systems. “We have made no announcement regarding the future of Nintendo 3DS.
A home gaming system with no Ethernet port would be beyond silly. Not deal breaking of course, but a bad oversight.
The Ethernet adapter will probably be full-size USB and plug into the dock, just like on the Wii and Wii U. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Wii adapter worked with it.
They have the car lighter ports, but no actual lighter and no ashtrays. They are simply legacy power ports now.

Only if you are too cheap to buy the adapter. I think it's likely that the adapters that worked with the Wii and Wii U will probably work for Switch.
Yes and the connection in those adapters isn't as good as ethernet, I meant to write "ethernet" rather than wired connection.
One of ths is literally a thick plastic case around everything bar the controls.
It's hard to tell from a photograph of a black and white printing of a press render, but it looks like there might be a cutout for the screen on that one, too.

EDIT: Nope, sorry, looking at the wrong one. Yeah, it's hard to see how a touchscreen would work with that protector.
It's being advertised by Nintendo as a home console first, even though it's technically a portable.

How does an Ethernet port go against a home console?
Because it's a portable console that you carry with you on the go. You ain't plugging your ethernet in on the bus or train.

Yeah because I take the dock of my >home< console with me right
You would if you wanted to play it like a home console ie use ethernet.

A home gaming system with no Ethernet port would be beyond silly. Not deal breaking of course, but a bad oversight.
I know they advertise it as a home console first that you can take on the go. "The take on you go" is the "gimmick" you can say and you can't take it on the go if you're playing online. You won't be able to pick it up and keep playing because you'll probably get kicked off online if you're using a Ethernet.

I'm not saying I wouldn't want it because I prefer an Ethernet port over not having one.
That fight stick implies that Hori knows about some high profile fighting game releases on Switch that we probably aren't aware of. Here's hoping that Tatsunoko VS Capcom gets a digital release on Switch's Virtual Console.....
look I know it won't happen. Just let me dream.
I wished it came with a screen protector already installed. Loved to see that when I got my One Plus 3. I'm rubbish at putting on screen protectors.
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Good point. The Mario at launch leak seems uncertain now.
Folk assumed because it was more or less done it meant it was at launch. Don't think there's ever been a rumour whole source was advising it was to be at launch. Same as the Zelda delay rumour it was based on the time needed to complete translations but not that there was an actual delay. You can kind of put together the source of any of these leaks here.

Mario makes sense as a holiday game.