Nintendo Switch in Stock on Amazon (US)!

End of August and start of September seemed to be where Improved production lines have become truly apparent. There are constant shipments and inventory is flowing pretty well. Huge difference from Early August and earlier
Every Walmart I've seen has them in stock and also that Splatoon 2 bundle.

Didn't realize it's still a shortage
Yeah post Splatoon 2 supplies have been better, I imagine it will be fairly available until Mario and then hard to find again after that until January.
Not bad. Looks like they ship them overseas for a reasonable price too.
Yup. Only about $30 more than I was able to buy it from Japan at launch (and that was the best price worldwide). Although I noticed they seem to have increased the import fee for the Switch to my country since I ordered it a few hours ago. Glad I acted fast on it. Edit: nope it didn't go up; it was shown combined with shipping.

Have 3 European SNES Minis arriving tomorrow. G L O B A L B O Y Z thug life
Which part? I’m in dfw and I just saw my first one in person a month ago at target. It was the only one they had. Lol
Wichita Falls.

Though, I was in the North Dallas area a few months ago. I guess more populated areas would have more problems with stock, so damn that sucks it hasn't improved over there. I'm just shock how easy it's been over here.
Both gray and neon models are readily available at all the stores near me. BB, Target, Walmart and TRU all have stock. I'm in SE US.

Still glad I grabbed a neon a few weeks ago from Target for my nephew's birthday in December. Better safe than sorry. If I hadn't got one then, you can bet they would still be sold out everywhere though, haha.
Read in gonintendo that sources claim they upped monthly production to 2m. Wonder if its true.
It was a report by digi times, which requires a serving of salt grains. We will hear more on OCtober 30th, when Nintendo releases their earnings and maybe ups fiscal year shipping expectations.
Woah, is stock really still an issue? I had no idea. So glad I snagged one at launch, it ain't like there will be price cuts or a v2.0 for a long time.
Just last week, I have finally seen Nintendo Switches being sold physically in Walmart stores. They’re Splatoon 2 bundles specifically, however.

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Picked one up a few days ago when it was in stock. Grabbed a neon one, to be delivered tomorrow. Pretty psyched! Also ordered a screen protector, travel case, and a power bank since I have a few international trips coming up soon and I'd love to be able to game during the entire flight.
The Mario Odyssey Switch bundle Preorder is sill available on Amazon? Wow.

Still think the price is too high but I know it will sell well this holiday.
Not amazon but all of my local retailers besides Best Buy have switches in stock. I asked around and apparently they’re still selling really well, they just get a ton of them now.