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Nintendo Switch: March 3rd 2017 worldwide, MSRP $300

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Look, I don't think it's DoA, but that's a tough sell at that price. It needs to drop to $250 or have good bundles by the holidays. That's a risky, risky price.


This poster pulses with an appeal so broad the typical restraints of our societies fall by the wayside.
That's too high... Wii U all over again
I really, REALLY hope Nintendos online service is like PSN where I can still access everything I need to unpaid. Between XBL/PS+ and this someone is getting the axe..


RIP Nintendo Switch in Canada (initially, at least).

They might as well limit initial shipping/pre-orders because it is very unlikely this will sell well at launch.



I'm still getting it but fucking hell

not the price they needed

software can still save them though


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
At least wait until the conference is over until you say its too much. 300 buck for a new system including a game isnt that much.
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