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Nintendo Switch: March 3rd 2017 worldwide, MSRP $300

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I disagree with pretty much this entire post. I personally cannot play on a video game console while driving a car. If I am out and about I am almost always going to pick someone up, drop someone off, or to buy something from a store. I find it hard to believe that I'm in the minority there.

I will be taking my Switch to work to use at my office. Which still doesn't contradict the sentiment that the older you get the less opportunity you have.

Depends where u work and the lifestyle you lead. I don't have the luxury to game at work, or at home. My workday is constantly busy and my weekends busier with house things and family outings. I commute to work bwcause where I live is one of the costliest places to raise a family. My priorities changed over time, but doesn't mean I've quit gaming, just means that my gaming time is shorter but I manage to complete most games I play.


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Now that the Switch has been fully revealed, we do not really need or want a Switch megathread, which it is clear this is on the way to becoming. New Switch information and discussion will occur in new threads going forward. If you are like Cindi Mayweather and would like to have a positivity-oriented Switch discussion, I would recommend Reddit or one of the many Nintendo-centric websites out there.
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