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Nintendo Switch Play Log

Unk Adams

Does anyone know why the Nintendo Switch play log only displays a limited amount of games at a time? I believe it only displays the last ten games you played which is very annoying because every other platform known to man (Steam, PS, Xbox, and even previous Nintendo systems like the DS) gave your entire play history. Not to mention instead of giving an exact play time like the other systems (including Nintendo's own previous ones) do it only updates in five hour increments. I am just trying to figure out the reasoning of why Nintendo hasn't improved this years later and why they would purposely make their play log worse compared to their previous system, which was basically perfect (it had sorting options, gave you an accurate play history, showed your entire history, etc.). It seems like a beta version that should have been much better by now.


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Another feature that became shit on the Switch, while it was great on Wii U.
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Idk but I also hate it, games like Metroid Dread I had to wait for the whole week since I started playing to know my real playtime... In my experience, developing log features use to be expensive the more data gets loaded, maybe they wanted to reduce the load on their servers?
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