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Nintendo Switch Sports Is, Predictably, Leading To Smashed TVs

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Nintendo Switch Sports Is, Predictably, Leading To Smashed TVs​

Remember, folks, the Joy-Con wrist straps exist for a reason.

After over a decade, the Nintendo Sports series has returned with Switch Sports. The follow-up to 2006's Wii Sports, the newest sports simulation game from Nintendo comes with plenty of fan-favorite minigames such as bowling, tennis, and more. However, it also comes with a major problem long since forgotten: busted television screens.

Despite Nintendo Switch Sports releasing less than a week ago, players are already reporting television casualties resulting from accidentally flinging their Joy-Cons, according to Kotaku. While the lightweight controllers certainly pack less of a punch than the Wii's remote (which shattered more than a few screens with the help of Wii Sports back in the 2000s), the colorful contraptions have already proven they can be just as lethal--just watch Twitch streamer 63man play tennis.

Another Twitch streamer, Northernlion, also launched his Joy-Con at his television screen on stream while playing Switch Sports this past week. While neither of these instances are quite as dramatic (or hilarious) as the Wii Sports Home Shopping Network incident of 2009, you gotta admit they're still pretty amusing.

However, these TV-slaying-sprees aren't for a lack of Nintendo trying to curb the issue. Just like the Wii Remotes, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons come with wrist straps specifically designed to keep the controllers from becoming television-bound projectiles. If like so many you've been forgoing strapping in before playing your favorite motion control games, let this article be your friendly reminder to do so.

Regardless of its talent for bringing out player's more destructive tendencies, Nintendo Switch Sports is proving a solid success for the company. Reviewer Kurt Indovina scored the game 7/10 in his GameSpot review, writing that while Switch Sports might not be a particularly innovative entry in the series, it does do a good job of capturing its spirit. For tips on how to become a Switch Sports star, be sure to check out our beginner's guide.

Source: Gamespot
I don’t understand why this is an issue, I realize how expensive the Joy-Cons are so I’m extra careful when holding them. Same with these expensive ass phones. 🤷🏾‍♂️


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If you not using straps, you're a dumbass. I was playing Half-Life Alyx recently, I went to throw a grenade in the game and when I swung my arm, the controller slipped out my hand... Thank god for the straps, the controller didnt go anywhere


Nintendo: We are making another Wii Sports!

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I need a new TV.
Hey kids try out this new game. I've already thrown the box out, I'm pretty sure no wrists straps were in there.

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