Nintendo Switch UI video from some guy [named hiphoptherobot]

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Attention NeoGAF! I am proud to reveal the World's First Nintendo Switch Unboxing! A collaboration between FloKO and hiphoptherobot!

Enjoy! :D
Big news at the 3-minute mark: resetting the Switch automatically unlinks your Nintendo Account, disabling access to purchases on your SD card. Re-linking a Switch to the Nintendo Account restores access to those purchases.

No confirmation yet on whether multiple Switches can be linked to one account, but now we know that unlike the 3DS or Wii U, no contact with customer service is required to unlink a system.
Hey hiphoptherobot, how's the sound quality through the Switch speakers? It's been too loud at the events for good impressions.

I can hear it in the videos obviously but I'm curious how it sounds in person.
I feel honored and thankful that hiphoptherobot was willing to work with me on this.

I'm so happy to share this with everyone. :)

Do you think you'll be able to show us if there are any changes in the settings or UI when it's docked? How about when you click on the User icon in the top left corner? Does anything happen when you click it?
4:45: Parental Controls menu.

Use Your Smart Device:
- Restrict Features
- Set Play Time
- Activity Notifications

Use this Console:
- Restrict Features

So no activity log through the on-console parental controls, as some of us had hoped.
It is absolutely killing me that this video shows him hovering over the region select option but he doesn't actually go into it.

I just want to know for sure that it's easy, please...
Unfortunately, you might not be able to if your PVM is 480i like most are. It would have to support 480Progressive. You'd need some kinda converter that lets you go 480p to 480i.

If they were native 480, yes. If 240p, they'd be upscaled once, but it'd look perfect.
Damn that's awesome! With any other console it would be such a bitch to change monitors depending on the game you want to play.

With 2 docks you can have a set up with HD and CRT tv's and when you want to play some retro games you can just dock it in the TV you prefer. If Nintendo is going to let us keep VC games forever I can see myself buying hundreds of games.
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