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Nintendo UK: Build Your Own Bundle! £299.99

Heads up UK GAFers


All Wii U bundles come to £299.99, New 3DS - £199.99 and New 3DS XL £229.99

You can get either a New 3DS, New 3DS XL or Wii U (including game bundles such as the Mario Kart/Splatoon one)
In conjunction with a controller or game (three games if you choose the Mario Kart/Splatoon bundle)
Choose an Amiibo
Choose a T-shirt
Choose an accessory

Christmas is here :)
Aha in the Wii U console bundle you can either get a Mario Kart 8 bundle or a Mario Kart 8/Splatoon bundle. I wonder which to go for...


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Build your own bundle is a rather misleading title, seeing as you can only sort of choose 2 games the rest is just plastic junk.
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