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Nintendo Voice Chat: Your Feedback RE: Nintendo @ E3 & Fire Emblem Fates

Oni Link 666

Jun 10, 2004

IGN's Nintendo show has a special episode for you! First we discuss your feedback to last week's question regarding Nintendo, NX, and E3 2016. Then, we bring you a spoiler-free segment all about Fire Emblem Fates Birthright & Conquest. Join host Jose Otero, Peer Schneider, and Brendan Graeber for another fun filled show.

download - http://traffic.libsyn.com/ignwii/Nintendo_Voice_Chat__Our_Fire_Emblem_Fates_Special.mp3

There's some pretty good (story spoiler free) Fire Emflem Fates impressions. They go over some of the differences between the games, for those who still don't understand.