Nintendo World 2011 8-10 Jan [Update: neoGAF geekin' out to quality game music]

Neiteio said:
For all you whiners whining about nothing interesting to look at, are you already bored with all the WONDER quoted below? OoT, Pilotwings and Steel Diver look especially hot. Is that a giant squid I see on the Steel Diver art?
Looks like a giant Nautilus, which is even weirder.


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Medalion said:
Oh no, are they re-airing this whole segment again from scratch with those guys?
Indeed! Didnt you begin to miss them as well?
This is basically a reel untented to be seen by people walking on the booth i guess. We're just total retards focusing on it like it's something important:lol

But even with that, the Nintendo strategy of showing people playing has it's limit... Maybe it worked for wii but here i'm not sure it will be enough.

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Pilotwings Resort visually looks perfect to me. I am not so much worried if it is just "Wuhu Island" as the pictures seem to show a lot of variety in the environment and backgrounds. I just hope we get all the classic events, and maybe some new ones for a really fleshed out and meaty game.

Steel Diver I am all over. I really hope EAD doesn't get rushed and delivers lots of ideas and contents for this exciting new franchise. Submarine action!!

Kid Icarus does not look appealing to me. And this is coming from a huge Kid Icarus NES fan. I just don't dig the Sakurai/Kirby influence on the franchise. And quite frankly i think it is so fanboyish people think Sakurai is a god. There are soo many designers with better resumes than him.
gofreak said:
DS's standard price is 4800 yen. According to an earlier post, all but one of the launch games 'seems to be somewhere in the 5xx0 range, up to about 6000 yen' - I'm just going by what he said, I dunno if he's right or wrong on that.
SSF43D is 4980 Yen.
Best launch game IMO.
vareon said:
110 minutes on Zelda. Godspeed, Japanese people!
I'm encouraged by the 70 minutes on AR games, too; at least, I assume that's what that AR thingy is. If there's interest, hopefully they'll be some fun products developed in that direction.


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Celine said:
SSF43D is 4980 Yen.
Best launch game IMO.
Thanks, hopefully it will be par for the course over time.

SSF4 won't be my first choice though...I'm hoping for pilotwings and layton, but we'll see what's planned for the euro launch.
Many people seem to be missing the schedule... here it is again (from adriasang)

# Nintendo 3DS introduction showing Mii de Asobu ("Play as Mii"), and AR Games (All three days at 11:00. Each day will have a different celebrity guest.)
# "Nintendo Music Live" (All three days at 12:30)
# 3DS game introduction featuring Metal Gear Solid Series (1st day at 13:45)
# 3DS game introduction featuring Kid Icarus/Masahiro Sakurai (1st day at 15:00)
# 3DS game introduction featuring Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition/Yoshinori Ono (2nd day at 13:45)
# 3DS game introduction with Level-5/Akihiro Hino (3rd day at 13:45)
# 3DS game introduction featuring Resident Evil Series (2nd day at 15:00)
# 3DS game introduction featuring Nintendogs + Cats (3rd day at 15:00)