Nintendo World 2011 8-10 Jan [Update: neoGAF geekin' out to quality game music]

The Naked Sample was the same as E3, but this was my first chance to see it in person. Jonson got a lot of things right with the 3D, but I found myself having to forcibly focus my eyes when the bee suddenly popped out right in front of me. There was some inconsistency in terms of the camera surface; dust particles, bridge ropes, and flowers appeared visibly closer than mud that splattered on the camera.
Footage on display for Zelda, Pilotwings, Kid Icarus, and Steel Diver looked really good. My only complaint with Pilotwings and Icarus was that it seemed like there was way too much depth; 3D strength is not adjustable on the non-playable demos. When you're trying to look at specific things in the foreground and background at the same time, there was too much double-vision. It'd be hard to play like that.

Zelda and Steel Diver looked perfect.

Paper Mario and Mario Kart looked kind of ho-hum, and still need work.

Star Fox looks very well-done, even if virtually identical to the N64 version.