Nintendo World Report/Child's Play Podcast Telethon - Do It Live For The Kids 19 Nov

Part 1: mp3 direct link | aac direct link New Business (Mario 3D Land), Zelda and Listener Mail
Part 2: mp3 direct link | aac direct link Nintendo Game of the Year, Radio Trivia and Memoirs of a Gamecube feat The Battlefield Bomb
Part 3: mp3 direct link | aac direct link Famicast Special feat MarkMacD/sprsk/onsen, Jeopardy Goes To Hell, and Shenanigans.

Radio Free Nintendo, the main podcast of Nintendo World Report. Regularly hosted by Jonathan Metts (GAF user Jonnyboy117), editing god Greg Leahy, noted curmudgeon James Jones and ex-Canadian dudebro Jon Lindemann, who has a medical condition related to the hoarding of unopened games named after him.

This particular event is a live podcast stream that is extended by donations to Child's Play. A Chipin link (100% of proceeds going right to Child's Play, receipts provided for tax purposes), the stream and a link to a chatroom can be found here. The stream starts at 12:00 Eastern (9am Pacific, 1700 UTC) on the 19th.

They did this last year and raised over $2500. The goal this year is $3200 AND IT GOT BLOWN OUT WITH FOUR HOURS TO GO.
2010 Site link
2010 GAF thread
2010 recordings: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

What else?
Well, it's a podcast for grown-ups. Despite the fact that this is a Nintendo-focused show, the language can and will get explicit. Especially if the last round opens up.

Last round?
As the donations increase, so does the content. This year, the goal is to go past 8:00pm (Eastern). The schedule as it stands now:

12:00 EST - Intro / New Business (Free)
1:00 EST - Skyward Sword Spoiler-Free Review Roundtable with Special Guests
2:00 EST - Listener "Mail" Call-In Bonanza
3:00 EST - Game of the Year Roundtable
4:00 EST - Radio Trivia Live with TYP and Greg
5:00 EST - Memoirs of a GameCube w/ Billy Berghammer
6:00 EST - Famicast: Live from Japan w/Gaming Jesus and sprsk
7:00 EST - NWR Connectivity Jeopardy
8:00 EST - Shenanigans!

Do I want to know what Shenanigans refers to?
This crew once set something on fire during a podcast recording and had to have a 20 minute corrections segment after one infamous episode in particular. If they're still going at 8:00, I am disavowing all responsibility for what happens.

What's Radio Trivia?
A few songs will be played from a game released on a Nintendo platform, and the audience must guess the game. First one to do so wins a prize of probable quality, though you may end up with a copy of Learning With The Pooyoos Vol. 1 if you're not careful.

If you're not musically inclined, there may be other opportunities for prizes as well.

Oh yeah. The first set of swag has been revealed with more to come:

Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva (DVD, English, Region 1) - Courtesy of UncleBob
Sonic plush headwear
Nintendo pin badge set (Link, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Luigi) + MGS:Snake Eater 3D Lanyard
Nintendo pin badge set (Link, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Super Mario, Fox)
Mario Sports Mix T-shirts M,L,XL
Conduit 2 T-shirts M x 2
Disney Guilty Party T-shirt XL
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion T-shirts XL x 2
Call of Duty 4 T-shirt 2XL
Rune Factory 2 Plushie
Windwaker Link Plushie
"Booker" Animal Crossing Plushie
"Ghost Mario' Plushie
Street Fighter 3DS T-Shirt (Small)
Street Fighter 3DS Cap
Nintendo 3DS Lanyard
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Lanyard

Your choice of any WiiWare or Wii Virtual Console game ($10 limit, four winners, U.S. only) - Courtesy of UncleBob
Beat City (DS)
Jam With The Band (DS)
MotoHeroz (WiiWare - Canada Only)
NIS America Pack: Sakura Wars (Wii), Phantom Brave (Wii), Atelier Annie (DS) - Gone
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (DS)
Fishing Master (Wii)

I can't make it on the 19th. Will there be a recording?
Yes, in mp3 and m4a format for chapter skipping and live art. Look up.

Super excited for this. Last year's show was excellent. Forget how many hours it went (5?) but it was good shit. But I expect nothing less from the best gaming podcast around. They had Craig Harris, formerly of IGN Nintendo, last year so hopefully they have snagged some equally awesome guests.
Thanks, everyone! I am excited to say that the new Weekend Confirmed will include a promo for this event, thanks to Plan B. Also, we will have Jeff Kalles of Penny Arcade (formerly Nintendo of America) on one or two segments. We are finalizing plans with some other special guests, and I hope to be able to announce those to you sometime on Friday.
Don't know if this'll get in before the downtime, so...

Mark MacDonald's Twitter said:
Donate $ to Child's Play n force me & @sprsk to podcast live w @famicomplicated at ungodly hour Jpn-time this weekend
We're about halfway there ($1025 as of the time of this post).
Big update to the OP: Full set of swag, available for Jeopardy/Radio Trivia winners and some other possibilities.

Also, schedule has been updated. The Gamecube segment had to be moved back, but it will contain Jeff "Two Ns One T" Cannata if it gets reunlocked.

Little over 3 hours to go!
Under two hours to go until we're live, folks! With guests like Jeff Cannata, Jeff Kalles, Billy Berghammer, Mark MacDonald and a whole lot more, you're going to want to listen!

Do The Mario

Unconfirmed Member
Donated yesterday but currently past my bed time in Australia right now (it's 1am). Hope the show is a blast. May catch some when I wake up or otherwise via podcast. Good luck.
The joys of doing it live... mild technical difficulties, stand by.

Edit: We're back. 7 minutes left in the Zelda segment, then it's an all Listener Mail section.
On to the Nintendo Game of the Year discussion... and to the guy who dropped $500 to unlock the Gamecube and Japan segments, thank you so much.
The following segments are now confirmed to be coming up in the next few hours:

Radio Trivia Live - "Name That Tune" with video game music and win fabulous prizes!

Memoirs of a GameCube - 10th Anniversary Retrospective with special guests Billy Berghammer, Jeff Cannata, Jeff Kalles, and Rick Powers!

Famicast Live from Japan - Two NWR staffers in Japan join up with members of 8-4 Play to discuss gaming in Japan and take your questions live!
They're all very good. Radio Free Nintendo, Radio Trivia, Newscast/Connectivity, Famicast. I listen to them all. I'm a Nintendo fanboy, by the way.

You just never liked Jeopardy.
Jeopardy is the only segment of Connectivity I always enjoy. I usually get all of the questions right, too, because I am a fucking nerd who remembers every inconsequential fact about everything.