Nintendo's new platform codename: "Project NX"

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Jun 11, 2010
A "dedicated game system" utilizing a "brand-new concept." Iwata hopes to talk more about it next year.

Announced to make it clear that even though the DeNA announcement is a big change of policy for Nintendo, they are still in the business of making dedicated game devices.
Therefore, it is definitely not a phone.

Source: the DeNA/Nintendo press conference stream:

Update: We do not know for a fact whether it is a handheld or a set-top console, but they have made some clarifications on this point. See below quote from Iwata.

28 Sept '15 EDIT: Since people keep insisting it's going to be a hybrid console/handheld, I should add this telling quote from the late Satoru Iwata (from March 2013, link courtesy of Neoxon):
Last year we also started a project to integrate the architecture for our future platforms. What we mean by integrating platforms is not integrating handhelds devices and home consoles to make only one machine. What we are aiming at is to integrate the architecture to form a common basis for software development so that we can make software assets more transferrable, and operating systems and their build-in applications more portable, regardless of form factor or performance of each platform. They will also work to avoid software lineup shortages or software development delays which tend to happen just after the launch of new hardware.
Some time ago it was technologically impossible to have the same architecture for handheld devices and home consoles and what we did was therefore reasonable. Although it has not been long since we began to integrate the architecture and this will have no short-term result, we believe that it will provide a great benefit to our platform business in the long run.
21 August '15 EDIT:
Possible related patent found by Rösti discussing a "stationary" console with internal HDD, external HDD support, as well as an ability to read memory cards like SD (although some suspect it could be a cartridge slot, the patent seems to imply otherwise, with "game software" only being mentioned on the two HDD apparatuses. This might also apply to a Wii U Mini system (digital-only with SD support?), so this may have nothing to do with NX...especially if the Wii U's console patent mentions nothing about an Internal HDD and instead the NAND flash memory it actually has inside.

23 March '15 EDIT: Iwata on game consoles:
However, if you only expand upon existing hardware, it's dull. In some shape or form, we're always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person's video gaming life.
17 March '15 EDIT: Some people are posting that Iwata said that NX was "merging the gap" between handhelds and consoles but they did not say this about NX, rather about their new membership/account service. They started talking about it right after the NX announcement, so some people were confused. The transcription: (thanks to JoeM86)

Additional info/visuals:

From another thread on the conference, assuming true and not a joke post:
Successor to Club Nintendo confirmed, and will be running on 3DS/WiiU/PC/Mobile and will be the core of their new NX system.
The Japanese says "Dedicated Game Machine NX".
So it won't be anything but.


Sep 27, 2009
Virtual Reality?

Edit: Not likely with Myamoto's statement some months back ('VR not being social').

My guess: An actual tablet (w/own CPU/GPU) with some extra controls on it and wireless transmission to TV.
May 14, 2006
Iwata also mentioned that the new account System with DeNA (spanning Mobile, PC, Wii U, 3DS, and NX) would be one of the core concepts of NX.
A handheld with a special dock that has hdmi out and also an extra GPU for console gaming?
Iwata's translator specifically said it's gonna be a bridge between mobile and consoles, so don't expect too much.

I'm gonna guess it's a combination of these two.

A mobile device that has a dock for HDMI out + GPU + bluetooth controllers.


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Handheld / Console hybrid. Calling it.

A device you can take with you on the go, but also dock to your TV and use a controller with at home.
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