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Sep 29, 2013

RELEASE DATE: FEB. 8th, 2017 (PAL) | FEB. 9th, 2017 (JP) | FEB. 7th, 2017 (NA)
TECHNICAL INFO: Please refer to the "PS4 classic vs Pro" part of the OT
DOWNLOAD SIZE: 39.3GB | 12GB needed to play while downloading.
REVIEWS: You can find the NeoGAF Review Thread Here
on average according to the game director Fumihiko Yasuda
DAY ONE PATCH: whole 88 MB so be ready

Nioh is a third person action game for PS4 with emphasis on melee combat and punishing difficulty.

Ranged combat is provided as an option as well as spells, ninja gadgets and a plethora of other items.

The story takes place in a fictional world of 16-17th century Japan where legendary and mythical monsters are commonplace. It is based on an unfinished script from a famous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

The player assumes the role of an Englishman named William Adams, who shares similarities with a historical person of the same name.

Apart from standard bandits, rogues and other low-life of Japan you get to fight mythical monsters of all shapes and sizes. There is a huge variety of Yokai in Japanese mythology and a number of them is brought to life in Nioh. If you wish to learn more about individual Yokai, I suggest visiting

The game controls are very simple but allow players to develop their finesse and skill leaving a colossal gap between beginners and masters. Since the game is designed to be challenging the player needs to control not only his opponents and environment but also needs to master the controls to achieve victory. This game just won't hold your hand if you struggle. Either you get good or you go home (and if you already are home then congrats).

The gameplay itself is very straightforward: fight enemies, gain experience and equipment, improve yourself through leveling and getting familiar with the mechanics of the game and progress through the level until you reach the end, which is generally a boss or a gauntlet of enemies.

Weapon classes available in the game are: swords (one in two hands or one in each), axes, spears and a sickle with chain, ranged weapons are bows, rifles and hand cannons.

When wielding melee weapons you can switch between three stances:
High stance: deals the most damage but is also the slowest, ki is also consumed at a very high rate, dodging and blocking are affected as well.

Mid stance: the middle ground between high and low stance, higher damage than low stance and faster than high stance.

Low stance: attacks are fast, consume the least ki but also deal the least damage per attack. Blocking and dodging is the fastest in this stance.

The game primarily requires patience. Enemies deal massive damage and are relentless in their attacks. Thus the player needs to assess the situation, strike with precision and, if needed, disengage quickly. And if you die it's usually because you're too slow to react. So remember:

One interesting feature that makes Nioh stand apart from other third person action games is called "Ki Pulse". In Nioh, stamina is ki (which is used for attacks, evading and other activities) and this technique allows replenishment of said ki during combat with a precise press of the R1 (or dodge) button at the right time. If the Ki Pulse is performed properly then the player can restore a portion of its stamina without significantly slowing his offensive actions. Also, Ki Pulse can remove corrupted areas left by yokai if done properly.

Enemies can be put into a stunned state by depleting their ki. Heavy attacks and some special attacks excel at depleting the enemy's ki. Once the opponent's ki is depleted any attack will stagger the opponent. At this point, summoning a guardian spirit or engaging with maximum ferocity is advisable.

Another unique feature of Nioh is the ability to summon guardian spirits. Each guardian spirit provides different stat boosts when summoned and also provide unique effects simply by having them on stand-by. These guardian spirits can be changed any time the player visits a shrine. Also, the moment they are summoned William's HP/ki bar are replaced with a special power bar that depletes slowly by itself or when William takes damage.

Shrines are placed around the level that serve as checkpoints, if William falls in battle he is restored at the last visited shrine. At the shrine a player can sort his equipment, spend points to level up, change his guardian spirit and do other activities. Also, players can summon other players to help them out on missions from shrines.

After leaving a mission the player is returned to a hub menu where a significantly larger amount of services are available than at the shrine. Here the player can pick a new mission or re-play an old one while retaining his equipment and level.

Lastly, the player is able to use onmyo and ninjutsu. Basically onmyo are spells in form of talismans and ninjutsu are special items like smoke pellets or throwing stars. These skill sets can be changed while visiting the shrines.

Amrita serves as the game's xp system. Every time an enemy is defeated the player is rewarded with amrita that can be exchanged at the shrine to permanently increase William's attributes or, as they are commonly known, stats.

BODY: increases life, damage with spears and resistance to paralysis and poison
HEART: increases ki and damage with swords and bows
STAMINA: increases life, carryable weight and damage with hand cannons
STRENGTH: allows you to gain bonuses from weapons and armour sets and also increases damage dealt with axes
SKILL: allow you to gain bonuses from skill based weapons and also increases the damage death with dual swords and rifles
DEXTERITY: improves the effectiveness of ninjutsu and its capacity
MAGIC: improves the effectiveness of onmyo and its capacity
SPIRIT: increases the power of guardian spirits

When improving your stats William gains skill points that can be spent on unlocking new skills, onmyo talismans and ninjutsu items. Each weapon group has it's own skill tree and each skill can drastically change the way you play. Some are more defensive in nature, while others allow players to attack with new, devastating combinations.


Coop is available quite early in the game. You can only participate with someone in a coop if you yourself have already finished the mission you are trying to help with. That means that two people can't play the same mission without at least one of them having it done already.

Basically the system works like this:

"I need help": go to a shrine, select "summon" (which costs 1 ochoko cup which can be gathered from revenants/player graves and as drops from chests) and the game will start searching for another player to join you.

"I want to help": in the mission select screen, highlight the mission you want to help with, press X to select it and then square to "become a visitor". Or you can go to the "starting point" menu and use the option called "torii gate". Here you can either pick "yokai realm with a companion" (in this mode players can revive each other) or "random encounter" (the same as "become a visitor").

"I want to play with a friend": this mode requires players to set the same password so that the matchmaking pairs them together.


Clan battles is an online component of Nioh which is available once the player unlocks the "hidden teahouse". Here, players can swear allegiance to one of the clans. Each clan provides different benefits to the players and allows them to purchase special equipment, gestures and skins for "honour".

Honour can be gained by defeating revenants/player graves around the game.

By participating in these clan battles, players rank up, thus improving the benefits the clan provides.

A list of all available clans as well as their benefits can be found HERE

A complete comparison can be found in this Eurogamer article. A quick overview, however, is in order.

The game comes with two options: action and movie.

Action settings emphasises performance, while on the other hand movie settings puts emphasis on visual quality.


Action - 60 fps at 720p (resolution increases in less busy scenes up to about 1728x972)

Movie - 30 fps at 1080p (almost never drops)


Action - 60 fps at 1080p (rarely drops as low as 720p)

Movie - 30 fps at 2160p (occasionally drops as low as 1440p)

In general, adaptive resolution is much more significant on the PS4 pro.

One thing that both systems have in common is the fact that loading screens after failure/death are almost non existent, they usually take lees than 5 seconds (so now you can die in record times).

Last Chance trailer

PSX 2016 trailer

All digital pre-orders will receive a unique armour set and a dynamic theme

Digital deluxe owners (and all those who bought the game withing two weeks of release) will also receive an extra armour set, a weapon pack with 5 special weapons and an avatar

In addition to all that the digital deluxe version comes with a season pass granting access into downloadable content that will be released post-launch.

This DLC will feature three new story missions called Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed's End.

  • PS4
  • Third person, Fast Action Play
  • like dem Souls games
  • so it's kind of hard
  • digital download size is 39.3GB
  • No character creation (limited character customisation is available)
  • Medieval Japan with mythical monsters
  • choice between 30 fps (high iq) or 60 fps (lower iq)
  • no pvp (yet) but coop is available from shrines
  • has unique features like Ki Pulse and guardian spirits
  • it's legit good
  • waifu smith included (I can't believe they didn't give us Muramasa :/)
  • review thread is here if you care about what other people say
    (I don't, I play Yaiba)

This OT is dedicated to Paulo Miki and Stan Sakai


Jun 1, 2013
BB said it was coming on the 6th... They held it for two days at a facility between. Not getting until 7th. So close.



Dec 18, 2008
I want this, but I'm not sure I can justify buying it right now at a time when I find myself playing less and less.

I've played like an hour of Dark Souls 3, which I bought at launch. :(


Mar 20, 2014
Stamina is Ki
Thanks Kodama
Blue Eyes White Samurai

Now with that out of the way, I'll be using this to post some information I get from elsewhere, for starters here's the spreadsheet for the stats and their importances to weapons and gear


Another link from Reddit, someone made an easy to understand guide to what stats affect what proprieties in the game. He also have build suggestions base on what stats synergies with each other.

I highly recommend giving it a look, maybe we could get the OP to place it somewhere in the first page?
EDIT (2):

Soft caps for stats.


  • Most stats have a minor softcap at 10.
  • Health (Body and Stamina) softcaps at 10, then stays linear.
  • Ki (Heart) softcaps at 15 and again at 40.
  • Equip weight max slowly tapers off with no softcap.
  • Ki Pulse slowly tapers off. Arguably softcaps at 40 and 50.
  • Anything that gives skill points stays linear forever with no cap.
  • Magic and ninja power slowly tapers off with no softcap.
  • Magic and ninja capacity both hardcap at 30.
  • Figuring out weapon scaling is going to take way more science.


Nov 17, 2014
Thanks for OT. :D

You should change "No character customisation" to "No character creation". You can change Williams appearance in some ways later in the game.


Oct 2, 2009
Great OT!

I'm expecting this game to kick my ass like no Souls game ever did. It's a weird mix of excitement and apprehension, which reminds me of playing Demons Souls for the first time.


Jun 16, 2004
Morocco, Indiana
Do we know if the last chance demo three dlcs are already active or will they open at release time. UPS delivering around noon, so wondering if I should wait on those.

Hrm, BB says there is a bonus item as well, hopefully in the game case. If it's by email, might have to wait anyway.


Sep 29, 2013
Thanks for OT. :D

You should change "No character customisation" to "No character creation". You can change Williams appearance in some ways later in the game.
legit shook! Really? You just spoilered me :(

I'm glad you put your more embarrassing thoughts behind a spoiler OP

just kidding good job have fun everyone
I'm still salty they we didn't get Muramasa though. I thought it was so obvious since in Ninja Gaiden it is said he is super old and nobody knows how much exactly.


Feb 10, 2015
Do we know if the last chance demo three dlcs are already active or will they open at release time. UPS delivering around noon, so wondering if I should wait on those.
I've seen streams with people using the first helmet, but not the other two.


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Jan 25, 2017
Hi everyone, first post in this forum! Cant wait to be a kurasigama omnyo ninja oh boy :D


Nov 1, 2012
After playing the beta I'm forced to buy this.

I should be able to get it today.

I went from 0 interest to probably my GOTY just by playing the beta.

My hype levels cannot be translated to text.

Let's fucking go.
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