Nippon Ichi opens interactive teaser site for new game


By moving the glowing firefly on the black page of the website you can shed light on the letters “t h i Q N L o #” and by clicking on them you can try and arrange them in different orders.
You'll hear a sound once you've moved the character in the right position. Once all the characters are in the right position, they'll start to glow.

Solution -

Via Dualshockers.

I wonder if the "NiQ" part is a clue as to the artist behind the character design. Could it be a JRPG, with "huge tracks of lack", with design by Niθ [of Hyakka Ryoran fame]?

Please let it be so.
The Q had me imagining something like the upcoming Persona Q, or it'll be a dungeon crawler like Etrian Odyssey. But I think the letter Q being associated with dungeon crawlers is a Atlus-only thing.
I've heard rumblings of this (somehow) being connected to Hayarigami, but the presence of the firefly (and the music that plays after you correctly set the letters up) makes me intensely doubt it. Ah well.
Nippon Ichi teased a new title with a website that had “t h i Q N L o #” marked on the page. As it turns out, that was actually an anagram for an upcoming PlayStation Vita game, called htoL#NiQ which stands for Hotaru no Nikki or Firefly’s Diary, according to this week’s Japanese magazines.

According to the report htoL#NiQ will be an action game where you’ll be controlling a firefly to lead a young girl with a horn named Mion who follows you. There will also be Shadow Fireflies, which you’ll be able to control to move inside objects that appear as shadows.

In htoL#NiQ, you’ll be visiting ruins, where you’ll find mysterious enemies that dwell in the shadows. Getting caught by these enemies will result in Mion’s death. There will also be all kinds of different traps in the ruins that could cause her to die, as well.

The designer of the super deformed chibi-style animated characters of the Disgaea series will be leading this project as the director and designer.

The game will have a retail release with a 5,800 yen premium package that includes an art book, soundtrack, and badges. Meanwhile, the download version will cost 3,086 yen.

htoL#NiQ will be released on June 19 for PlayStation Vita.