NJPW G1 Climax 27 [OT] It's a Real-Life Tournament Arc!!!!!

Mask aside, I dig SANADA's new gear. I prefer his other look, but it couldn't have been fun wrestling in faux leather pants.

I'll miss the black full skull.

But his new logo is sick. Add this tee to my list of NJPW tees to get.

God no one is better at tag matches than LIJ. Absolutely no one.
Yeah, looks like they are prepping him for marketing
In the fan vote for this block, he got the 2nd most votes by a considerable margin. Japanese fans seem ready for it. It's tough seeing him making it out of a block with Suzuki, Okada, and Omega in it but if they see him as a Goto-esque surprise then that'd be really rad. Particularly, if Naito wins and this sows the seeds of a split.

Unlikely, but a cool way this could play out.

Oh and really fun match. This crew of guys is tremendous.