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No Man's Sky Review Thread: The Scores Have Arrived (read OP)


That one GameTrailers guy desperately trying to understand what the main hook of the game, the core gameplay loop, was supposed to be while the rest of the panel shrieked at him and started flinging their shit everywhere is a perfect microcosm of internet discussion about this thing in the past year and a half

That's my favorite part of the video. He had all the correct concerns, and the game turned out exactly as he feared.
Wonder how many people still point to Jim Sterling's review - the lowest on Metacritic and now 22-23 points below the average - as being representative of what the game is.

It only has to be representative of what the game is to him Besides, ignoring that they use a (weighted) average and that means all types of scores, the 90-100 reviews could be just as useful or useless.


I feel like I usually (boringly so) follow the general consensus when it comes to the perceived quality/fun of video games. But in this case, I just cannot seem to empathise with people who really enjoy this game. I don't get it, at all!

I mean, I'm happy for people who like it. Truly, I am. It's just mind boggling to me. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.
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