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No Man's Sky will be launching on PC Two Days Earlier than PS4

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Nibel just found this out but it looks like No Man's Sky will be launching on August 12th which is two days after the game is out on PS4 according to the NMS about page.

Remind me if this is old



I think you have it backwards.

North America PS4, August 9
Europe PS4, August 10
World Wide PC, August 12


Also, consensus in the other topic seems to be that that sentence on their site is wrong / outdated. Seems like a simultaneous launch because in almost all cases, the date shown on Steam matches the PS4 date for any given user's region.

For example, I am in the US and on Steam it says August 9th.
I wonder if my physical copy for PC will arrive 2 days earlier as well.
It was that limited edition with the ship. I actually... sort of forgot where I bought that from. Just followed a link from some thread here, lol.

EDIT: Oh so this info is false? Lol.
That's odd considering there's no platform holder/release schedule bullshit on PC. You'd think if it's gold on both that PC should always come first.


came into a nms thread whose initial premise excited me, but then became disappointed by the reality of it



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