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Social Community Clickbait No new games in 2020, unfinished backlog only


May 22, 2019
My challenge :
No 2020 games (or the strict minimum). I can buy older games as my "physical backlog" is quite limited ( 2 physical games and 1 from PS+ I really wanted to play).

"Physical backlog" :
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Done !
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • The Last of Us (PS+) Done !
  • The surge (PS+, still don't know if I want to play it or not) Not interested finally

Games completed :
  1. Dragon Age Origins (started early 2019, finished 6th January 20, around 80h)
  2. The Last of us + Left Behind (Started 1st January, finished 19th January 20, 18h30 + 2h20, Survivor Difficulty)
  3. Dark Souls Remastered (thanks to the lockdown, finish a coop playthrough (half NG and full NG+) with a friend)
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Started 25th January 2020, finished 10th May 20, 78h30)
  5. Streets of Rage 4 (Online coop with friends, several runs on hard)
  6. Assassin's Creed (Started 12th of May, finished the 30rd of May)
  7. Assassin's Creed II (Started 2nd of June, finished 17th of June, 15h30)
Finally played THE Assassin's Creed. And I get all the praise it receives, the jump from the first one is impressive.
I've done the side content which was connected to the lore : Glyphs, Tombs and Codex (which turn out to be mandatory at the end so glad I collected them while doing the story). Really liked the Glyphs with their puzzles. I didn't bother much with the Mail delivery, Beatdown, Feathers and Race side mission.
I really like the background lore of the serie so far. I regret the few amount modern day sequences, it's something I really like in the first one (in term of narrative).

The gadgets are really welcomed, the combat is a bit better, the social stealth is now a real thing and the main story is engaging. Didn't like Ezio at the start but he becomes much more likable through the story. Still Altaïr is my favorite so far. I really liked reading the Codex pages from him.
The parkour is improved and still cool, BUT it feels much less precise than in the first one. Numerous time, I whined on Ezio for not doing what I told him to do (Happened once or twice with Altaïr). If you're not perfectly aligned for a jump, he's sometimes jump in a different direction (like instead of a forward jump, he jumps quite on the right if Ezio was not perfectly straight).
Not a big big problem but quite some frustration moments for me (Note that I hate platform games and platforming is my worst nightmare).

While the game is undeniably prettier than the first one, I was a bit shocked by the general aesthetic of it. Everything is clean, polish, bright and the UI doesn't fit in with its saturated colors (red square for enemies' health bar, the little "detection indicator" yellow/red). I prefer the first game's aesthetic (loved the foggy/sepia mood and the UI was really fitting in) if I had to choose.

In the end, I really liked it and it wanted me to continue the serie. Even if toward the end it seems a bit long but it was due to some little missions of the main story that felt like filler side missions (mini games for the Golden mask, "Ho no kill this guy, he just killed a courtisane"...). BUT the ending is extremely good. Definitely my kind of stuff (The Ones that came before speaking about the creation of the humanity and addressing directly to Desmond...)

What to play next :

The logical answer is Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood. (Edit : Started 20th of June)

BUT a Demon's Souls remake was announced... I completed the original only once (I attempted 2 others runs but always dropped them), after several hundreds of hours on Dark Souls, it was good but felt like an alpha/beta version of Dark Souls. Still I really liked the atmosphere and now I am getting quite hyped for doing another run.

So let's see my mood the next time I switch on my PS3...

Side note : my PS3 is started to die I think. I had several hard drive issue (when booting the console or sometimes a complete freeze during loading times of AC II)... Sounds like, I'll have soon to buy another one if I want to continue the Assassin's Creed (I got them till Black Flag on PS3).

Multiplayer games in which I sunk quite some time :
  • For honor (January/February, 1v1 Warden/Peacekeeper)
  • Warcraft 3 (April/May, 1v1, Orc)
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Apr 21, 2016
I commend all of you who are able to succeed in this challenge.

I'm making good progress on my backlog myself but I can't for the life of me stop buying games. :(
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Sep 6, 2012
You are free to buy them! You just aren't supposed to play them! (Says the guy currently playing Last Of Us Pt2... oops!)


Sep 25, 2019
Finished an item randomizer run for DS1 (#26), which was awesome. I started out doing a fog gate+item+enemy randomizer run but that didn't last more than a few hrs lol. I didn't have the patience for the fog gate part.

And today I finished Ape Escape 2 (#27) which I had never played. Fun game that got better as I got further. The last boss fight was pretty fun too. Only downside is the camera is a pain in the ass.

Tomorrow I'm going to start another ps2 game I've never played - Sly Cooper.