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No Nut November (But...people always ask me..)

What about the rest of the year? Well, i am here to bless you with the wisdom.

Jack-off January
Feral Fuck February
Manic Masturbate March
Angry-shag April
Miss May (take a break)
Jizzy June
Jazzfuck July (featuring your favorite musical instruments)
Angry-shag August
Sexless September
Orgasmic October
No Nut November
Destroy Dick December

Are you excited for.your new year's sex season cycle? What is your favorite month and why?

Also, do you think I had too many drinks already? More tomorrow.

P.S. Happy New Year and may you have a happy sex life!
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Golden Boy
No nut november…
Why do you americans come up with nonsense like that constantly?
Why would i want to stop nutting?
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