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No PC no buy


I've become a PC only player.

I was platform agnostic just until this very generation. I would buy any game I'd wanted in the platform they were available or made the most sense to get it in.

Sadly, this generation was a disappointing mess for me, it's gonna be 3 years since new gen hardware came out and there's absolutely nothing that the new consoles stand out about.

And now with PlayStation games coming to PC and being able to emulate Nintendo games, plus the fact that I don't care on playing any of those exclusives day one.

Just found myself not getting games in any platform but on PC (due to all the PC advantages that we all know and won't list in this thread and won't discuss about either).

So after getting rid of my old Switch last year when I got the Steam Deck. Giving away my Series X to one of my nephews, and just recently sold my PS5 due to no use.

I've just became a "no PC no buy person". Even if a game in another platform interests me, I won't go out of my way to get it. I'll only get it if they come out of their way and are made available on PC.

Anyone else changed their PC preference lately?


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Jokes aside, it's up to you what you want.
Don't let people tell on what platform to play.

It's your choice and your entertainment. If you like it, go for it.
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I'm with you. Though I will admit to feeling tempted by the PS5 for MLB The Show. But I'm not buying a $500 console just to play one game, then the yearly cost for PSN. No thanks.

Yeah, it's pretty much PC all the time, now.


What if it never comes to PC?
That's the thing! I found myself in a spot where I don't find anything that makes me come out of my way! Long gone are the really awesome killer apps that would make me a multi-platform owner.

That in the long made run me become a single platform player once again (last time I was single platform player was in early 7th gen), as a PC only platform player.


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If there is even a 1% chance a game will come to PC id rather just wait for it. I have a ps5 and barely touch the thing. I will probably get spiderman 2 this year if there is a 60 fps option tho.


I'm really thinking about a pc lately, because it's better for multiplayer games.

I can see how much better and easier games like Chivalry 2 are on pc.

Also more and probably better VR options.


I prefer the ease-of-use and optimization on console, as well as not having to deal with Windows (I'm so much happier with Mac OS). Occasionally, I'll have friends over who want to play 2K/Madden/Fifa/etc, and a console/couch setup is way better for that purpose. Don't ever see myself ever switching to PC only, but I can understand why others would.

I've always liked having a console dedicated for quick plug-and-play gaming, whereas my computer is strictly for work and other tasks.


You’ll be back.
There will be a showcase soon enough and you’ll be buying a PS5 at the end of the year.

But enjoy enjoy.

If there’s no reason for you personally to own one congrats I guess.
Doubt it, really doubt it. I just found myself with so many games at my disposal, and seeing them come later to PC with better features, just doesn't wanna make me own the console anymore.
I would be glad they made me re-buy a new console, because that would mean they getting out some megatons killer apps, but I just don't see it coming for myself, I would need a real revolution.
I mean pretty much any console or PC is going to have more games than someone could ever actually play, so it really doesn't matter what you pick - its not like you are playing every single game that is released anyway. You miss out on some games only picking a single platform but if you don't want to play those games anyway, or are playing other games you also want to play instead of the games you are missing, are you really missing them?

I have more games to play than time left in my life just with the 7 consoles sitting under my CRT, let alone my PS5.


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Honestly, im thinking of going back to consoles

If i knew PC Gaming would have so many issues i would just have picked both consoles, also having to deal with third world country prices dont help.
pc gaming never changes. It's good with the bad. Good to have it but not sure about maining it
Get a ps5 and all you have to care about then, is time to play games. Not time to fix issues!


I buy games on other platforms but since i invested in a pretty expensive PC 3 years ago, i mostly play on it, if the game is available on PC, there is high chance im going to play it there, i still rarely play multiplatform games on console sometimes, depends.


Nah. Glad for you though OP. There’s a lot of value in the Deck, no online fees and third party key sellers alongside games from Xbox and PS.

I’m happy with my PS5 and Switch Oled for now. I don’t want an industry without Sony or Nintendo so I’m happy to invest in them.


I have a PS5 and PC with 4070Ti. So I buy any game I want. If the game is released on both, I buy the one that has better performance. Hogwarts Legacy I bought on PS5 because the performance on PC was shit.
You have framegen with that card unless you sre 4k max settings the pc version will batter the consoles


I've always been a combination PC/Console gamer until 2020 when my world got turned upside down. I think this might be the last generation where I buy either Microsoft or Sony consoles. At the start of the next generation, I'm probably going to just build a beefy PC. I don't mind waiting for Sony's first party games to eventually be ported to PC since most of the ones I'm interested in are single player only anyway and most of Xbox's output is day/date on both PC and Console.

Consoles are becoming as complex as PCs with less of the benefit and they're only going to become more expensive over time. Might as well just go with a future-proofed PC that will last for years without having to worry about mid-generation refreshes or "pro" systems.

Depending on the games, I'll probably continue to buy Nintendo consoles.


I sure as heck am not PC only but it is where I spend almost all of my gaming. I occasionally play series X when I want couch time and have my PS5 for select games (basically just GOWR/Returnal/SpidermanMM/Ratchet) but 95% of the time I am on my gaming rig. Most of my friends are on Xbox and Xbox/PC crossplay is supported with most titles so it works great. I like PC gamepass and my my steam library is huge. I haven't booted my switch since metroid dread but will for zelda.


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I'm actually the opposite. I have a 3070ti and the low VRAM is messing with my experience in many of the newer games. Hogwarts has insufferable stuttering that seems to be worse after they patched the game. My options are just jump back to PS5 or drop 1K+ on a 4000 series card with adequate VRAM.


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Most of my friends list on Steam are PC only. Which to be honest kinda sucks. Describing console games to them is difficult. When they play a game that was big on console, it’s typically years and years later. No pun. They’re semi annually interested versus just having the game when it was out or they’re just flat out not interested. I love my Steam Deck, but being PC only would make me pull my hair out. It works for some people, but I personally wouldn’t stick to a single platform. That’s being too nit-picky about a lot of good console games. It’s not like my friends on console are chatty Kathy amazing either. I wish I could integrate the convos on GAF onto console.
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