NOA Club Nintendo Gold And Platinum Prizes Revealed, And You're Not Gonna Like it...

And now we know why Game & Wario was not part of the MK8 promo in America...

Do you have wait until November for this?

For perspective in Europe I got nothing for earning stars so try not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Makes me wonder why NOA lost their Club Nintendo budget entirely (that is all I can assume from lack of physical goods on the store and platinum).


I was feeling some guilt that I didn't have anything decent wise compared to last year but seeing this.

I suddenly feel alright.
just took a look and seriously the fuck is this

im platinum and these are the games available
game and wario
nes remix
dr. luigi
dkr 3d
fluidity spin cycle
dillon western
mario and dk minis on the move

and now its not even anything thats exclusive anymore (and even those were underwhelming). it's just some games. fuck
Nothing physical at all, huh? Definitely a bit of a disappointment, but oh well, there is a lot of good stuff on there regardless. I forgot, does Club Nintendo e-mail you the code, too? Not sure if I can download stuff right now.
...Nintendo of America, are you serious? After spending as much as one does to become a Platinum member, this is how you reward us? With a $10 digital game that absolutely anyone can get at any time they want?

Let's see.

Hardly anything of worth on the Club Nintendo site reward-wise, and if there is, it's usually limited in nature and for a ridiculous amount of coins. Add to this the fact that our Platinum prizes are the worst of any region [by far], and you have one less person who will likely not take the time/effort to even bother registering anything anymore.

Just ridiculous. They could have given us a OST easily [Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, etc.] or anything that's actually considered a collectible. But no, they're probably keeping those as a LIMITED offer on the site, that will sell out within a few hours, for 1500 Coins.

Yes, I'm disappointed. :(
Don't get me wrong, some of the games are good; I mean, some are full retail games.
But these are for people that spent around $400+ on Nintendo products in a single year, many of us probably have most of everything there...