NoA's Wii release list: no sign of Xenoblade or The Last Story


Wii Play™: Motion
June 13
Mystery Case Files™:
The Malgrave Incident™
June 27
Kirby™ Wii
Fortune Street™
The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword
Mario Party™ 9
Rhythm Heaven™

From their press site, their full upcoming Wii lineup.

*rage at NOA*
Well that's it Nintendo.

We had a nice run together but I'm tired of you whoring yourself out to other regions and not putting out for me.

I think we're done.


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Fuck you Nintendo America.

I KNEW I should have bought a used Wii when I was in Japan. :( And my Wii isn't on 4.2 anymore... fuck!
ign said stuff would get announced at the roundtables...

oh who am i kidding. fucking hell. noe please save me with the last story.


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Failtastic Nintendo...

One of the biggest things that has pissed me off about Nintendo over the past few years is the number of quality Wii and DS titles that never make it out of Japan. FFS I'm still waiting on Soma Bringer.

Seems like a lot of shit I'd easily want to buy never makes it to. :(
Damnit NOA, you guys just plain suck balls. This deserves a fine, "Fuck you" for the day.

So, how do I import games from Europe to the good ol' USA? I need my Xenoblade now!


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That's really lame. I honestly thought they would have them in the pipeline. It's still possible they'll turn up, they might have something later in the week, but I'm not holding my breath.


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I see what they're doing--they're killing off the Wii like they should have done with the DS before the 3DS was released.
Not buying a new console until I get all the games I want for my old console.

If Nintendo gets their way I'll never get a WiiU. Fantastic. My wallet thanks you.
ivysaur12 said:
Holy shit, I don't think I could be more pissed off right now.

And of course, game "journalists" won't press Nintendo on this at all.
Seriously.. I'm even surprised we got Rhythm Heaven...
This is infuriating. NoA is just terrible with localization, this E3 has made it clear that they're not really that interesting in playing to their fanbase; guess what, most nintendo fans don't want a new Wii sports, nor do they want Madden or the next dudebro shooter. They failed to show wii or wiiu software for Nintendo fans, with the exception of Zelda.
Lol, the saga continues.

I don't even care about the games that much, but it's become a matter of principle. Gaf has been whining about this for sooo long. Just fucking release it in NA, Nintendo!
Unbelievable..... there's absolutely no reason (looks like I'm importing from Europe).

Someone needs to ask Reggie flatout why he won't bring Xenoblade to the US.
Well, I had wondered whether NOA's sheer awfulness would triumph over all historical precedent and make Xenoblade the first-ever fully voiced RPG localization to not be released in NA. Now we know the answer!
They spent 20 minutes talking about Zelda and that was it for Wii games, that should have been a clue that they are abandoning the Wii.