"Noctis" Perfume is released from Versus XIII


Rockefellers. Skull and Bones. Microsoft. Al Qaeda. A Cabal of Bankers. The melting point of steel. What do these things have in common? Wake up sheeple, the landfill wasn't even REAL!
Guyz, seriously, Versus is vaporware. No more, no less.
This is true, wouldn't be surprised either.
Nomura has apparently completed preparations last year for a full blown reveal but there were apparently some factors which prevented him from showing it. I thought at the time this was Square PR, but maybe it was just waiting till PS4 is unveiled. We've heard numerous developers thinking that this was gonna get unveiled last year and were angry that neither Sony or MS did so.

Also the the warm spring will come fairly soon...in fact spring festival is just finishing right now :p
You guys don't see the excitement in this?

Obviously they're gonna be giving these out on the 20th during the conference and Kaz will reveal that whoever got one of these perfumes that they have earn an exclusive sneak preview to............Final Fantasy XIII-IV: Lightning Revengeance
Versus XIII is one of those games it seems like I have been waiting forever for. I mean, it was one of the main exclusives that got me to buy a PS3 in late 2007.

I thought for sure that this game was going to be released in 2008; then we get pretty much nothing, 2009; then more nothing, 2010; nothing again, 2011; a cool trailer than nothing else, 2012; once again absolutely nothing aside from a confirmation that the game is still in development.

And here we are. in 2013... I'll just be grateful is this game releases at all, I don't even care what platform(s) it could be on now.