Non-US users, how do you buy on Amazon MP3?

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This might be a weird topic, but I've been trying for the last hour to get some albums on Amazon since I have $30 in Gift Cards. However, everytime I try to purchase I get the following message:

Amazon said:
We are sorry...
We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently only available to US customers. Please refer to the terms of use of the MP3 store to determine the geographical restrictions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
This strike me as strange since I've bought in Amazon MP3 before (Wario64 has posted quite a few MP3 credits deals here). I used Hotspot Shield and OpenVPN before, but that ain't working anymore. And yes, I do have an US Address on my account.
I used to do the same. Had a US address but moved, it worked for a while, but I think a little while ago they changed how they recognised your address/location. IP? At any rate, I can't buy MP3s anymore.

Watch out, they might actually deactivate your DRMed books if you move!
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