Northeast Championship (NEC) XII | Fighting game tournament | December 3-4


NEC XII Trailer


As with all Big E tournaments, there will be multiple streams for the event, but less than usual:

Team Sp00ky will be the main stream, the place to go for AE, UMvC3, and (some) finals:

8WayRun will be handling KOF XIII, Tekken and SoulCalibur, including TTT2 and SCV:

According to Sp00ky, these will be the only streams at the venue. Some of the other events should be recorded however.

For those looking for a ways to watch multiple streams at the same time, there are few options:

That should give you a straight link to the Sp00ky stream plus 8WayRun in PIP.

My preferred site:

Both streams plus chat, all with resizeable windows.


From the NEC site:

The Northeast Championships is a series of fighting game tournaments held on the first weekend in December in Philadelphia, PA. NEC is always held on the first weekend of December at the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport Hotel. More information about the location is available on the location page. The Northeast Championship has grown so much over the years and attendence has increased to well over 700 participants. All participants come from all over the North American region and even played host to many players from Europe.

This event, now in its twelth year, runs a variety of tournaments for fighting games. These games run from the latest and greatest games (Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Marvel vs Capcom 3) to popular cult favorites(Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift and Melty Blood: Actress Again) to fighting games that have been competitively played for nearly a decade or more (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo). Furthermore, players even run their own side tournaments and end up running a myriad of events, no matter how obscure or bad the game is. Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Super Puzzle Fighter, TMNT Tournament Fighter, and Shaq Fu are just a few examples of games run on the side.

One of the best things about NEC(and including Winter Brawl and Summer Jam) is the multiple stream setups. Multiple streams are set up so the player has a choice in watching what they desire be it 3D fighters, 2D fighters, or even side events. For the main room streaming services, which include SSF4AE and MvC3, are handled by Team Sp00ky. The 3D fighters stream which include Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 and Dead or Alive is handled by Jaxel of

Aksys Games
Classic Game Junkie
Focus Attack
Mad Catz
Namco Bandai


The following list is a mixture of main and side tournaments, and some may not be streamed, but the games will be there:

Arcana Heart 3 (Singles, 2v2 teams)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
The King of Fighters XIII
Melty Blood: Actress Again (Singles, 3v3 teams)
Mortal Kombat (2011)
Mortal Kombat II
SoulCalibur V
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Singles, 2v2 teams)
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition (Singles, 3v3 teams)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Singles, 3v3 teams)
Tekken 6
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Singles, 3v3 teams)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Singles, 3v3 teams)
Vampire Savior

NEC will also have several games yet to be released on console (or at all). Both of the Namco games will actually tournaments.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND
SoulCalibur V
Tekken Tag Tournament 2


A partial list, but you should basically expect all of NY, NJ, and Philly to be at the tourney, along some notable out-of-towners: ClockW0rk, Justin Wong, PR Balrog and WolfKrone.

Banana Ken
Chris G
Chris Hu
Chris Matrix
CJ Truth
Demon Hyo
DJ Huoshen
Dr. Chaos
Happy Medicine
IFC Yipes
Josh Wigfall
Josh Wong
Justin Wong
LI Joe
Megaman Steve
Noel Brown
PR Balrog
Sanford Kelly
Steve H
Tom Brady


All times are EST (GMT -5). As always, the schedule is tentative.

Saturday 12/03/11
Team Tournaments:

SSF4:AE teams 3v3 -- 11:00am -- $30 per team

UMvc3 3v3 -- 11:30am -- $30 per team

3S:OE 3v3 -- 6:30pm

AH3 - 2v2-- 2:00pm

MB:AA 3v3 -- 2:30pm

ST 2v2 -- tbd

More to Come.
SATURDAY 12/03/11:

Singles Tournaments:

SSF4:AE -- 5:00pm -- $10 -- will continue Sunday--ps3--$750 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

UMvC3 -- 5:30pm -- $10 – will continue Sunday--ps3--$750 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

MK9 – 3pm-- start time -- $10--ps3-- $250 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

SC4 – 1:00pm start time -- $10 (top 8 sunday)--ps3-- Pot Bonus info coming soon

TK6 – 1:00pm start time -- $10 (top 8 Sunday)--ps3--Pot Bonus info coming soon
If you entry both T6 & TT2 it will be $16 entry

TTT2 - 3:00pm start time --$10 (top 8 sunday)--arcade

BB:CS2 – 1:00pm start time -- $10--ps3-- $1101 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes.

GG:AC – 4:00pm start time --$10-- ps2

ST -- 5pm-- start time -- $10 – held on arcade cabinet--Pot Bonus info coming soon

MK2 – tbd start time -- $5



SUNDAY 12/4/11:

SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – 1:00pm

UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – 1:30pm

KOF13-- 4pm Start time--$10--$1000 pot bonus--ps3


MB:AA – 12pm-- start time -- $10--Pot Bonus info coming soon

AH3--12pm-- start time-- $10 entry fee--ps3

3S:OE – 2pm start time -- $10--ps3--Pot Bonus info coming soon

CvS2 – 6:00pm-- $2 – PS2

UMK3 – 5:00pm -- $5

KI – 5:00pm - $2

A3-- tbd

CE -- tbd--arcade
So excited. I hope we get some sweet Marvel tech.

Is there anything scheduled for tonight? I thought I saw something posted on Twitter.
There is a tourney for AE and MvC3 today (probably running right now), but I don't think it will be streamed. The main event is all Saturday and Sunday.
There is going to be a stupid amount of HYPE and new TECH in this.

Oh and Weskers everywhere etc. although Wesker hype bores me. Too many scary characters to watch out for in this game and at any time anyone can get blown up in this game.

Let's see if DJHousen can bring the hype once again.

No Flocker or FlashMetroid? Sad. :(

A Pretty Panda

fuckin' called it, man
Thor alert everybody. I need to be notified if a Thor comes on stream.
It'll never happen

Kinda wish older games would be streamed. I've only seen so much of high level Alpha 3 play.


Membero Americo
Is it me, or is Wesker getting more hate than Phoenix right now?

And now that I think about it, I haven't see any Phoenix player for a while now... what's going on, were her nerfs that bad?

A Pretty Panda

fuckin' called it, man
I think it mostly stems from the glasses buff on an already great character. He is bullshit. But not nearly as bad as DP imo.

Actually, I still hate Phoenix, luckily many people have abandoned her.
Glasses buff was bull shit of course. Wesker is just hella popular and kills team variety so he gets hate. There are better characters than him but no one has it as easy as Wesker in this game.

Phoenix is too hard to turn Dark and the fear factor of her in a team is gone. A lot of characters straight up hard counter her now especially like half of the new cast.